In the last “chapter” of this nightmare I showed you what the “A Team” of EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS deemed to be an acceptable finish. Anyone who thinks that the works are acceptable are welcome to enter into a contract with EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS but I would sincerely hope that they would instead agree wholeheartedly that the standard of work falls a long way short of anything that is to be considered that of a professional standard carried out with due care and skill. Obviously I could not accept that this was the way it was going to be left and so I again had to enter in to more email conversations with NICK FLANAGAN and endure more of his BS.

Whilst having to repeatedly communicate with NICK FLANAGAN which I have been keeping via email or letter for obvious ‘paper trail reasons’ I have also been trying to make headway with VINCE HYLAND from the Trading Standards office in Exeter. I have given a stack of paperwork relating to this fiasco and also explained how we were essentially mis-sold the conservatory by way of the misrepresentation of the cost. We were deliberately made to believe that it would not have any VAT added which was a saving of over seven thousand pounds. The fact that the build was no where near completed to an acceptable standard despite EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS returning to put right the defects. That it was over a year past the completion date which, whilst was stated was an estimate, was so far past any reasonable timescale and in any case past the completion date set by EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS following my letter giving time of essence (which was apparently not acceptable). That it had not been built to a professional standard or with due care and skill and that there were bits missing, that Trading Standards must intervene and investigate. They should investigate also as it was common place for EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS to behave in this way and to prove it I sent a stack of reviews taken from their own review site. Something else I made him aware of was that EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS display the Trading Standards seal of approval for good work standards and this alone should be at the minimum something that TS remove. Lets be honest, EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS being given a TS seal of approval is like giving ISIS a seal of approval for being tour guides of the Middle East!

So from, (in my experience thus far), a waste of public money that is Trading Standards I continued my struggle with NICK FLANAGAN and was concurrently communicating with the ONLY person at the circus that actually wanted to do the job properly, DEAN WANT whilst also speaking with the CAB and my solicitor. Eventually I did manage to get NICK FLANAGAN to agree to attend our house so he could see for himself the shocking state of the build and that we could start to address the subject of what compensation they were going to offer. I was not shocked that he had agreed to a meeting finally after dodging it for so long as it was the belief that the conservatory was finished. I did insist on DEAN WANT coming. I have covered this in part seven but I will be revisiting some of it in this instalment.

In an email dated 27th July 2018 I wrote to NICK FLANAGAN and informed him that we still had a major leak and that I wanted DEAN WANT to attend the meeting as “…the building works land squarely in his area of expertise.” and that “Further refusal on your part to allow MR WANT to attend the meeting will in my view be one of disbelief and seen as you simply hindering the compensation process.” I wanted DEAN WANT to come so he could see the leak and try to figure out where it was coming from. What I received from the head clown of the circus was nothing short of incredible and after I read it twice to check I was not seeing things, made me so angry that I gave a short reply and then I had to stop writing to him. So this was the final part of his reply, do you think I was wrong to be angry??? “In terms of your leak, normally this would be carried out under the terms of an active warranty, yours is currently suspended due to the existence of the outstanding balance, I shall however, as a gesture of goodwill, be pleased to refer this request to Mr Want whose team shall arrange for attendance to the leak, he may not need to attend personally and neither he or his fitting team need attend at the time of our meeting.”   As I said, I could not believe that this had actually been written. The short reply I gave was this… “You are entirely incorrect in your view that the leak be under a warranty issue Mr Flanagan. It has already allegedly been fixed and as such the build is incomplete. 
I refuse to go round in circles with you any longer. 
Mr Pas”

Realising I was going to continue to achieve the sum total of bugger all squared I wrote to my solicitor and asked for her advice on my intention, having given the opportunity on several occasions to allow for the works and the build to be completed, to exercise my right to have third party contractors come and carry out any works required and claim them from EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS as I no longer have any faith in their ability to carry out works to a professional standard or with care and skill.

So on the 8th of August 2018, the illusive NICK FLANAGAN finally graces me with his presence at my house. He offered his hand to shake, which whilst you may call me ignorant for, I refused to take especially as the words that came from his mouth were; “Pleased to meet you” which, essentially made me want to tell him to turn around and f*** off back to his office. Such a smug holier than thou, I am above the law attitude which he has clearly perfected over the nineteen years he has been at EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS he actually made my skin crawl. He gave the softly “oh am so sorry” bullshit lines which he has clearly said so many times before and every minute that he stood in front of me made me more and more angry but I kept the “George grenade” under control, the pin was definitely pulled but I managed to keep the fly off lever in tact which was no mean feat believe me. I made it perfectly clear to NICK FLANAGAN that I was not someone who would simply roll over.

I told him; “Having read the reviews from your own website, it is clear to me that EVEREST treat people how they like. Everest don’t care when people threaten Court action and Trading Standards because you work on the fact that people can’t afford to actually take a big company like yours to Court. Rest assured MR FLANAGAN, I CAN afford to take you to Court, and I WILL, you just have to figure out if I am bluffing.” I continued… “If we go to Court and I win, you lose. If we go to Court and I LOSE, you lose on a scale you cannot imagine because I WILL ensure it is on the internet for all to see and what they will see is that once you enter in to a contract with EVEREST, you can do what you like, take as long as you like and leave as big a mess as you like and there is NOTHING the Consumer can do about it. How many people will want to use you then?”

I also made it VERY clear that I would be putting this fiasco on the internet. I showed earlier when I sent the information and pictures to BBC’S WATCHDOG and Trading Standards that I don’t bluff although now I know why he wasn’t bothered by that. TRADING STANDARDS aren’t interested and BBC WATCHDOG won’t get involved, I am assuming that this is because they tackled EVEREST in 2012 (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1dnwn9yRZHpNqplkjxR1zcW/everest-not-always-the-best )for exactly the same problems and in seven years NOTHING it would appear, has improved so it would not look good for the programme for people to see that it made no difference. Judging by the response given by EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS https://grapevine4you.blogspot.com/2006/12/everest-certainly-not-best.html I would say that either it is a standard worded response or it was NICK FLANAGAN who wrote it. I did manage to get him to agree on the points I had made and that he would allow me to get the works completed and carried out by outside contractors however there were no figures presented to me for compensation. He left having agreed, on return to the office the following day, to write me a letter with the various things he had agreed before I was willing to instruct any contractors, needless to say, this did not arrive so I had to chase it.

“Dear Mr Flanagan.
I write with reference to our meeting on the 8th August 2018.
As yet I have not requested tradesmen or companies to visit my property to obtain quotations for the correctional works required to the conservatory.
I have held off of doing so until I have received the letter from yourself agreeing that Everest will “pick up the tab” for the works. Also the letter explaining why the Time of Essence letter I sent to you was not legally binding and the information and instruction given to me was incorrect. Once I have those letters I can of course act on each accordingly.
With kind regards. 
Mr Pas”

I had asked for him to explain to me why my legal advice was incorrect as I had paid a lot of money for it and if it was wrong then I wanted to take it up with my solicitor. Oh, I forgot to say, despite the fact that EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS https://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/everest had shown what an unprofessional company they are and the fact that I had now seen their so called professional builds and how they “fit the best”, he wanted to compensate me by, get this, PUTTING DOUBLE GLAZING IN TO ONE OF MY RENTAL PROPERTIES. WHAT THE ACTUAL F***???? I told him straight that there was no way I was going to let his company cause damage to another property and that I would not allow my tenants to be subjected to problems with windows knowing they would not be fitted correctly and that any problems would not be fixed. HOWEVER, to gauge how serious he was with a compensation figure, I said to him… “You can do this place if you like! 33 windows and doors. So, yeah, do this place.” There was clearly no way on this Earth I was ever going to let them put windows in my Daughters wooden play house let alone this place but it would be interesting to see what figure he was offering by way of compensation, more on that in a bit! Anyway, his reply.

“Dear Mr Pas, Apologies, I was waiting for your communication prior to returning to you. Thank you for your time and frankness during our meeting.  As advised, I wish for nothing more than to be permitted access once again to attend to the installation issues that remain.  In fairness and notwithstanding the fact that they have taken far too long to reach this stage, the remaining issues are relatively minor. That said, if it is your wish to have these works attended to externally, I shall be pleased to agree to this, and shall, subject to a sight of all relevant quotes and in advance, Everest shall meet the cost of your doing so. In terms of the letter making time the essence of the contract, I repeat that the letter does not correspond with the requirements of the contract either in terms of the period of time that must be provided to complete the works or the penalty in the event of default.  I confirm that if any legal advisor has advised you to the contrary, they are simply incorrect.  I do not have details of any advice that you have received either from the CAB or lawyers, but confirm that had I received advice to issue the letter dated 8th February 2018, and that such advice had been provided having seen the contract document and that such advice indicated that this was the correct and appropriate manner in which to make time the essence of the contract, personally I would have considered the advice to be negligent. Turning very briefly to the suggestion that a resolution to this matter may rest in further works at ******* House, perhaps you would agree to our surveyor attending and taking detailed measurements and specification for the replacements so that I may factor this into any potential settlement discussions. I look forward to hearing from you further regarding the tradesmen and access for a surveyor. Kind regards

So he wants me to allow them back AGAIN to do the correctional works which he considers to be minor. Consideration needs to be given to the fact that the window sills need to be removed AGAIN and cut correctly. The whole thing needs plastering, gutters removing in fact EVERYTHING that they did not do the last time. He goes on to say that the advice given to me by the CAB and my solicitor is negligent and then he asks about a surveyor coming to measure for windows. I have read the reviews from victims of EVEREST WINDOWS https://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews102845.html and there was no way that they were going to fit them to my house but I wanted to know the figure involved for obvious reasons. I realised that waiting for FLANAGAN to actually approve quotes would likely take a couple of years and that there was no guarantee that he would actually pay the contractors and I could not have that on my mind, I had to again bite my lip and exercise both restraint and diplomacy in a response to this horrible, manipulative excuse for a human being.

“Dear Mr Flanagan.
Please accept my apology for not getting back to you earlier. Being the children’s school holidays we have been somewhat tied up and time has passed quicker than I had realised.
I appreciated you taking the time to visit.
During the meeting at our house I felt that the points I had made were taken on board and majority accepted by yourself. Some points we disagreed on and indeed will likely not agree on.
The remaining issues are as you say in the grand scheme of things minor, but as you are aware and accept, should not be there considering the time scale. In any case, after speaking to my Wife we are willing to allow Everest one last opportunity to correct the discussed works and to hopefully fix the leaking roof. We have decided on this course of action to save time on getting quotes for the work and waiting for the workmen to become available and also as I do feel that you genuinely appreciate that the finish is not up to the expected standard of your company and that you want to put it right. We do ask that the works be carried out sooner rather than later and look forward to receiving a date from you.
Regarding your request to allow a surveyor to visit our house for measurements, we are happy for this to happen so again, if you could suggest some dates we can arrange for them to visit.”

I am sure you will agree how difficult it was for me to write this email to him but I know how he works and we needed this finished and finally put to bed. Sadly I knew full well that he was feeding me more shit and he had no intention of sorting it out but what could I do? Get quotes, never get answered, don’t pay the contractor and they will chase me. Allow this shit show of a company to come again and wait and wait for them to not show and if they do, accept that it will be a waste of time and not done properly. In any case, I needed to get this clarified so I could at least take it to court. These two emails were from NICK FLANAGAN on the 24th of August 2018…

“Dear Mr Pas, Thank you for your email, I have asked Dean Want to address the repair issues asap.In terms of the survey, I have discussed this with both our Operations and Sales teams, and it may be that we send a surveyor, or a sales manager in either case this will just be to take a record of your requirements and will not include any discussions regarding the cost of the works on site – that will come later and be through my office. I will return to you once they have determined how they prefer to obtain the details of your requirements.”

“Good afternoon Mr Pas, I have spoken to all parties and they have arranged for a Sales Manager to attend and take the measurements and spec for the main house.  They will not discuss price with you but will bring the spec back to me and I will factor that in to our final discussions.The sales manager, I believe it will be Paul ***** shall contact you direct to appoint his attendance.” 

So I have someone else coming to measure ONLY for the replacement windows and doors in my house but will NOT know a price and I have an assurance that contractors are coming to fix the problems in the conservatory asap. Now to anyone else asap would be as soon as possible, that meaning quickly. NOT the case with this lot though. I think it is what I refer to as EMT, EVEREST MAYBE TIME. Anyway, I get notification that a contractor is “working in the SW…and if he could address the roof vent…” so they are not making any special arrangements to get this sorted and the contractor may turn up on the 11th of September. How utterly predictable, proof that I was right about what I had said about the meeting with NICK FLANAGAN, sad isn’t it.

Hahaha, I can’t believe what a sucker that Mr Pas is falling for my bullshit!!!”

Well, I will leave it for now. It is beyond depressing writing this crap and it does make me incredibly angry but I need to do it. Thanks for reading, please share it far and wide. I know it is working as I had a LONG conversation last night with another victim who got in touch with me having seen one of these “chapters” floating around the internet and I really felt for them. (That is the FORTH victim of EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS that has got in touch with me.) After putting the telephone down having finished the conversation last evening it confirmed to me that I need to carry on with this so others may avoid being caught out no matter how angry and frustrated I feel after I publish to the internet.

Next time, “A visit from Paul”




So the “A Team” have been in and ‘fixed’ the problems with the ‘conservatory’. Obviously my request for DEAN WANT to visit so I could run through and point out the things that needed doing was refused by NICK FLANAGAN and so I did my very best to ensure that the “A Team” knew what had to be done by sending a list and accompanying photographs. Things really could not have been clearer but I did not account for the ‘EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS‘ factor meaning that whilst it would have to be at least some kind of improvement, it would still be far from the standard that you would expect from a company of the standing of EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS and certainly from a company who profess to ‘FIT THE BEST’. Here are some before and after shots…

The window sills, ironically probably look better before…

This was simply laziness on the part of the contractor who should have cut the board to the correct depth and length. Instead he chose to stick some window trim on it in an attempt to hide his inability to work to a professional standard. Mind you, the “A Team” weren’t much better….

Still not cut correctly and filler at the end.

Next let us look at the crack due to the bowed wall. Removal, re-board and re-skim was what should have been done if it were professionals carrying out the works…

…however we are dealing with EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS so you guessed it, FILLER….


My decorator told me outright that filler cannot be rubbed down on fresh plaster as it will scar it although to be honest the plaster was clearly not mixed correctly in the first place as it is lumpy. Something to keep in mind is that the finish should be to a standard that you can simply come in and decorate, not with wood chip paper, but just with paint if you so wish. It would appear that the contractors from EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS don’t care about this or simply didn’t get the memo. DISGUSTING.

Now we will turn our attention to the unsightly finish on the box gutter…

I am sure you will agree that this corner and the underside is a vast improvement on the rubbish that was there before however the “A Team” take the time to make the box gutter much more aesthetically pleasing only to do this to the underside and the wall…

Expanding foam filler right the way down the wall.

Again, to do this properly as I said to DEAN WANT, the room should have been re plastered when the “repairs” had been done, under no circumstances should they be allowed to use filler. Next we come to the long windowsill, here it is after replacement…

From this….

…to this….

WHAT THE F***???

The sill has again been cut and finished incorrectly. Where they have removed it to cut it down they have clearly pulled off some of the plasterboard and tried to fill around it, that is an actual bump in the picture. If this is the “A Team” then it is clearly as good as this company gets. HOW ARE THEY STILL TRADING???

Next to the tie bar, (that basically holds the roof up!)…

No denying this is piss poor workmanship.
Tidier BUT, more screw holes in the tin box gutter.

The pictures above is of a tie bar for the roof. There were according to the plans, supposed to be three, there are only two and one of those (pictured) is simply screwed in to a tin box gutter which offers NO STRUCTURAL SUPPORT. Oh, the way they have protected the screws sticking out in to the box gutter from rusting….SILICONE.

Now brackets for supporting the box gutter, before….

…and after, a better finish I am sure you will agree but there is one thing….

These are the incorrect brackets to support the box gutter which EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS chose to simply grab off the shelf and use. The “A Team” came back and mounted them on blocks of wood which is also a bodge and furthermore adds to the screw holes in the bottom of the box gutter as the brackets have been moved. Not to worry, I am sure they filled it with silicone. Incidentally, EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS knew that the correct brackets would not be available because they were told this by the manufacturer BEFORE they started the ground works.

So if that is how they leave the inside which I will see all the time, what bullshit work have they done to the outside. I had written to DEAN WANT to tell him that the gutters needed to be removed from the walls so that the rendering could be done properly. I can’t be any clearer than by sending pictures of where I meant, as NICK FLANAGAN refused to allow him to visit. So how did they do? Place your bets!

Before the “A Team”…

Remember this?
This is the actual picture I sent to DEAN WANT.

Well, I can tell you that they did not remove any guttering.

They did manage to get enough render in behind the gutter bend to make it LOOK like it was done properly and waterproofed but I had told DEAN WANT in my letter that the gutter should be removed AS WELL AS the render to ensure it was not wet in behind. This was clearly not done as the 90 degree bend is rendered IN TO the wall. IMPOSSIBLE to remove for unblocking of leaves…

Unfortunately, this coupled with the fact that to get the clearance from the house for the guttering they had to use two 90 degree bends, it caused the water to run inside the new cavity between the original house wall and the dry lined wall creating this…

33 inches THIRTY THREE INCHES of damp, and that is just the height. It runs the entire length of the wall and we believe that it has also worked its way round to the original opening for the back door of the house. This belief comes from the fact that we asked a contractor to screw the skirting board back on to the wall as the glue had given way and he had to put a wall plug INSIDE another wall plug and it STILL turned when he tried to tighten it. So a big thank you goes out to EVEREST HOME IMPROVEMENTS for potentially causing damp damage to my house. And of course to our expert in all things building and legal, NICK FLANAGAN…

Nope, sorry, don’t care.

I would love to know how the head clown would feel if he were in the position I am in. Would he simply be sitting back and accepting that some jumped up keyboard warrior refuses to visit, refuses to get it sorted? I think not. Although the fact that he has done everything he can to avoid meeting with me, maybe he does lack the spine for confrontation. Anyway, here is a little more damp for you to look at.

The floor slab is also wet. The damp proof membrane is in place to stop damp coming UP through the floor but when the water is running DOWN on to it, the slab has no choice but to soak it all up.

I think you know that it goes without saying that I get back in touch with the head clown at circus central MR NICK FLANAGAN.

The emails and letters are plentiful and again I am unable to disclose many due to the court action that will be happening against this disgusting company. I will however share some of the emails and letters that absolutely caused me to put my head in my hands in disbelief of what a so called educated legal representative (I am not convinced he has legal training), has written due to how monumentally stupid it is.

I am going to leave it there for now, but I hope that you will share these entries so as others will not fall in to the same situation I am in. So I have to ask you...WOULD YOU BE HAPPY?

Next time…..”More emails, more BS”