Just an extra second to take a second look can be the difference between someones life staying as it is, or it changing forever…

In today`s busy world it is almost impossible to go about your normal business without using some sort of transport. Whether you are going to work or the shops, a holiday or to see friends, you will decide if you can walk or if you need some sort of transportation. If a vehicle is what is required to complete your journey or task you must then decide which mode of transport is best suited for what you want to do. That form of travel could be anything, a push bike, a bus, a train or a plane, but more common are the motor car and motorcycle.

I think it is relatively safe to say that you will see far more motorcycles during the sunny days than if the rain is falling or you can see your breath when talking. But there are people who rely on motorcycles as their primary mode of transport, especially if they have a reasonable distance to travel to work as the fuel economy is generally better. It is unfortunate though, that people on motorcycles are not looked for by many other road users and this can result in unfortunate and sometimes fatal collisions. It is also a sad occurrence that the first thing some  people think if they stumble across a collision involving a motorcycle is that the rider must have been travelling at speed or riding otherwise in accordance with the laws of the road. This is sometimes the case, riders who ride during the sunny periods may get a little excitable when taking their pride and joy out as it may have been a little while since the last time due to our less than favourable climate, but let us not tarnish all with the same brush. There are motorcyclists who simply enjoy the freedom of not being encased in a car for a little while and are happy to stay well within the speed limits.

The fact does remain though that there are a shocking amount of collisions involving motorcycles, and this can produce some horrific injuries. Some the rider will recover from, some they will not, and some will not get the chance if they have sustained fatal injuries, either way, it is something that will stay not only with the rider but the families and friends for a very long time afterwards. This is very true of the situation I now find myself in.


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