DEAN WANT gets things moving again.

We left the last chapter of this fiasco with my having to have a solicitor write to NICK FLANAGAN as he insisted that the advice given to me from the Citizens Advice Bureau was incorrect. This was also his view and opinion on the advice given to me by the solicitor I had been to see. Therefore I had to instruct the solicitor to act on my behalf even to just try to get the build finished. As you can imagine, this pissed me off and got me wound up. This was supposed to be the end of all of the stress and a fresh start for my family and I but due to the pathetic attitudes of SIMON GOBLE and NICK FLANAGAN it was beginning to look like this was not going to be the case.

On the 7th of March 2018 I received an email from DEAN WANT who was clearly looking to get things moving and finally sort the problems and complete the sorry excuse for a conservatory. I am going to simply allow you to see the conversation so you can appreciate why I am at this point getting frustrated with the whole shitshow.

“Good Morning Mr Pas, I hope this finds you well I have been asked to book your work in at the earliest convenience I have an install team that will be able to start the works weds 14/Thurs 15 of next week I am not quite sure which day at the moment but will be able to better update by Friday I estimate that the works will take 3/4 days Works as follows Replace rear door to enable access Replace internal cladding and trims that are defective Replace window boards where needed cut back so that they fit properly without the trim under Cure leak Regards Dean Want”

“Dear Mr Want.
I requested the presence of Mr Flanagin, Yourself, Mr Goble and the project manger to visit the site so we could go through what is required however the invite was refused. 
You are sadly mistaken if you think that this is all that needs doing but we look forward to finding out when your workforce will be coming.
Please be aware that your deadline for the works to be completed as set by Mr Flanagan, is the 22nd of March 2018.
Mr Pas”

“Good afternoon Mr Pas Yes I understand, things have moved along since we met at yours I will do my upmost to complete all works in the allowed time frame Regards”

“Mr Want, 
Forgive me but how exactly do you think that the works will be completed when you seem to have no idea what the works are? 
I am assuming by the back door you meant doorS. 
There is supposed to be a glazed door leading in to the garage according to the contract. I am guessing that this is ready to be fitted. YOU VISITED the site last year so you are fully aware that the few things you have listed do not even come close to getting this finished.
By the way Mr Want, the 22nd of March as set by your Mr Flanagin is not a desired date, it is a CUTOFF.
Mr Pas”

“Good Afternoon Mr Pas, Please forgive me when I visited you had already had a door fitted in that opening by your builders you showed me what Everest had supplied and I agreed with you this was not fit for purpose, you expressed that you had had that done at your expense and would expect that money back Unfortunatley no this door has not been made”

“Mr Want, 
The double glazed door SHOULD have been manufactured with the rest of the conservatory but it wasn’t.
Yes I did have the door fitted and purchased and I did indeed say that I should be reimbursed for it but two things come to point here. 
1. The door is hardly as aesthetically pleasing as the door that we had on the design and we considered it to be fact that the door was to be fitted.
2. The project manager that you sent me had stated that we would be compensated for the logs, door, oil, coal, electrical and plumbing works before we even spoke about the compensation for inconvenience, however it would appear unlikely that this is the case after correspondence with Mr Flanagan who considers quite openly that Everest have done nothing wrong.
In any case, the doorway is unfinished and the wall of which the doorway is situated requires re-plastering at best, so you still have time to get the door manufactured and supply it to me as it has been paid for when we made the payment for the structure.
I look forward to confirmation that the instruction to put the door in to manufacture immediately, has been made by close of play today. Please don’t come back with any excuses, just send the instruction.
I trust that you have plasterers attending site with the fitters so as to make the best effort to complete the jobs by the 22nd March 2018.
I await your confirmation.
Mr Pas”

“Afternoon Mr Pas Believe me I am not being difficult I will arrange for a glazed upvc door to be fitted as per the purchase agreement but will need to have this measured for manufacture as it was surveyed as a timber fire door, I have the ability to have this measured  this afternoon if that is ok with you I will also send across an obscure glass list sent as I assume you do not want clear glass It would Dave or Dan can you please confirm if this is convenient”

So as you can see, A YEAR on from when the drawings and measurements were done, they still have not even ordered the door as per the contract we signed. So the guy came round and measured for the UPVC door as per the contract we signed and we chose the glass to go in it. Shouldn’t be long then, t is after all, just the manufacture of the door. Clearly though, Everest will look to use this as an excuse as to why the build is not finished however that would be an amature mistake to make. It is only the door that would be delayed and has no impact on the rest of the build. On the 8th of March I wrote to my solicitor that had been dealing with NICK FLANAGAN that I did not anticipate any further problems and as such she could send her new bill. Oh how bloody wrong I was, this is where you really get to see just how much of a p**** NICK FLANAGAN is.

This really does about sum this ***** up.

On the 9th of March 2018 in order to assist DEAN WANT as he was genuinely trying to help me, I sent him a list of things that I could see needed addressing and fixing and accompanied it with pictures. I could not be fairer than I was being and I did warn him that I “NO LONGER TRUST EVEREST to do the works to a professional standard..

In March 2018, Mother Nature gave us some snow, where I am we got quite a lot and as it is a very small village in the lanes so obviously there is no gritter. Now I wanted the works completed that goes without saying but I whilst I am dealing with a company who care very little about people, I am not so much as a cock as that and I sent DEAN WANT an email telling him that I considered it dangerous for his workers to try to get to us. He responded by telling me that his guys had been in touch and told him they were snowed in. Remember what I said to NICK FLANAGAN about how they had struggled to work three consecutive days in the good weather! I also asked DEAN WANT what was to be done about the solid wood, standard threshold fire door that had been delivered and he said that they would take it away. I will tell you that despite MANY emails about them getting rid of it, I disposed of it two months ago, that’s right JULY 2019.

On the 26th of March 2018 DEAN WANT told me that the door should be ready in around 10 days so we are over the March 22nd deadline but I can allow that for the door as they had not even ordered the thing. The 27th though we received a letter telling us that our conservatory was ready to commence in to manufacture. WHAT THE HELL??? On top of this I have had to tell DEAN WANT that the water is running in through one of the tie bars that hold the roof up. The “A” Team had been in to sort the problems out but were unable to address the wall at the garage end until the door was installed which we obviously had to wait for. It had not arrived by the 12th of April when one of the “A” Team checked. He also said that he would sort the leak out at the same time.

I had to email DEAN WANT on the 25th of April 2018 to find out where the door was as he had said it would be available from the 17th. His reply was that it was at the depot in Rugby and on the next run to Bodmin they would make sure it was on the lorry. WHAT? So contrary to what I thought, Everest really do not give a rats ass about getting this finished. On the 1st of May 2018 they get in touch and ask if a fitter can come on the Saturday to fit the door. I tell them that if that is the only day they can do then we will have to re arrange our day to allow for it and so that is what we did. You are not going to believe what happened…

The fitter turns up and tells me that the door cannot be fitted until the door opening is properly boarded and skimmed and as such he has to leave. On the 10th of May I had NANCY on the phone asking if the fitter could come and fit the door the following day. Now you may think that this is good service, however, I asked NANCY just how the hell she thought the fitter could fit the door as NOTHING HAD BEEN DONE TO THE OPENING. I emailed DEAN WANT again…

“I’ve had Nancy on the phone asking if Dan can come tomorrow to fit the door.
I asked how he would be fitting the door when nothing else had been done which is why he couldn’t fit the door when he came on Saturday. 
I’m going to be totally honest with you Dean, I’ve been patient.
I’ve been messed about beyond anything I could possible comprehend from such a large company. 
I’ve been told that Citizens Advice do not know what they are talking about and forced in to paying for a solicitor to try to get things sorted, (which I will be claiming from Everest), only to be told that my solicitor doesn’t know what she is on about either. 
I have worked with you to get the works sorted and have been nothing but polite to you and your staff that have come to carry out the works. 
I have re arranged our weekend to allow for a door to be fitted to be told that it can’t be and still we have laughed it off.
Having a call today to ask if the door can fitted tomorrow when I know full well it can’t be is the final straw. 
The fact that Everest hadn’t even made the door with the rest of the building causing us to wait FURTHER was something we just rolled over on but I’m done now. Sense of humour is gone. Patience is gone. Nice guy is gone. 
We have appointments on Monday and Tuesday of next week so are only able to offer Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to get it finished, but get it finished you will.” 

So the fitter did return to fit the door after the doorway had been finished but there was a problem…the door glass was too big FOUR INCHES TOO BIG. Seriously, how bloody hard is it to measure and check? Consequently the fitter took it upon himself to remove the solid panel from the door we had been forced to purchase as a temporary measure, to plug the hole where the door glass should have been. UNBELIEVABLE! Don’t forget, this is fitting “The Best”. On the 17th of May 2018 I wrote asking if someone could please tell me which YEAR this bloody thing was going to be finished. Oh and the problems had not finished yet, and the bullshit from NICK FLANAGAN had barely begun…

Next time, “NICK FLANAGAN, keyboard warrior…”


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