An amusing start to the day.

When I woke this morning my youngest daughter was absolutely sparko’d next to me. My wife had got the kids sorted and ready for school. She came in to the bedroom and went round to the other side of the bed. “What ya doin’?” I asked. She informed me that she was going to wake `Pickle` up to take the kids to school. “Why not leave her where she is? She is out of it, and it doen’t seem fair to drag her from the warm bed out to drop the kids off. It’ll take you twenty minutes at the outside to go, drop the kids and get back so just leave her to cuddle up.”  She asked me what would happen if `Pickle` woke up and I said that the front door would be locked, she couldn’t get out and the likelyhood of her waking was so small, so wifey should just take the kids to school. So reluctantly, my wife handed me the home and mobile telephones and left for school. Ten minutes later `Pickle` woke up, gave me a lovely smile and asked where Mummy was. I said she would be back soon which got the reply simply “OK”. Then she toddled off saying that she was going for a wee, bless her. A couple of minutes later she shouted, “Daddy, I done a poo.” Unbelievable, normally she would have slept in until lunchtime and waking her would have been a nightmare but the one time she is left asleep, this happens. As it was, literally 5 minutes later my wife arrived home and `Pickle` was sorted out. An amusing start to the day with how my daughter was. As a bonus, I felt amazing in comparison to the last few days which was excellent.

During the day I had been recieving message alerts on my phone informing me of donations that were being made on the donation site. I have been over the moon that people are donating and I really hope that it will continue to be shared amongst people and their friends and that the total will continue to grow. If you haven’t already visited the page, please do and read the story. Many of you will recognise the story as a page from this blog site, if viewed from your computer it will be exactly the same, until the end where I have written with people who have not read my blog in mind. The final part of the “story” page tells people why I want to do the skydive and other little challenges, have a read.

I had a telephone call from a newspaper today which I had e mailed to see if they would be interested in helping me raise funds for my donation page by advertising the web address for me. They had in the past requestewd interviews for a charity dance that had been organised to raise funds for my wheelchair, which you can or maybe have already read about on my blog. The newspapers have been very good to me to be fair, and have helped to advertise the 60’s dance which was a roaring success. They are coming tomorow, I hope they bring a wider angle lense for the camera to accomodate my larger circumferance!

This afternoon I had to visit the dentist for root canal treatment, to do this I had to have my wife help me transfer from my wheelchair on to the dentist chair, it didn’t go too badly, and after my dentist had finished the treatment, I managed to get myself back in to my wheelchair with a little help from the dentists assistant. When I returned to the waiting room, my wife and daughter were sat waiting for me which was nice. We loaded in to the Chucklebus and I transfered in to one of the seats. It was so nice to be travelling in a seat rather than just my wheelchair. It was funny when my son opened the side door to get in and found my empty wheelchair and me sat in the seat.

Tonight I took some time after the other stuff was done and did some more painting of my models. I have discovered that since my accident, although I generally see singally now, I cant see anywhere near as well as I used to. Trying to see the numbers on the model parts and trying to paint the crew members was a near impossible task. I am going to look for a large magnifying glass on a stand with a light to assist me. Only a couple of years ago I was one of the top shots in my battalion, now I don’t know if I could even see the target at the distances we used to shoot at. Dissapointing, annoying and upsetting but it is just something that I deal with, improvise adapt and overcome. I am happy with how my models are progressing, I am hoping to get the remaining paints I require tomorow and maybe get to spend a little time cracking on with it.

I have now got a link at the top of the page labelled “Donate here”, this will take you via a link to my donate webpage. Please support me, it will help me get back some more family life and help me give something back to a charity that has helped my family and I. To those who have already, we thank you very much and hope you will encourage others you know to do the same.

Well, thats about it for today. I hope you’ve all

My wife and I both went to collect the kids from school today, don’t worry, we took `Pickle`  


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