BBC Somerset.

Watched about five episodes of Five-0 last night on the bounce, I did notice though that you have to look at the season and episode numbers before you actually select the episode to watch as Sky do not run them in order all of the time. Important? Well for me the answer is Yes. If you don’t watch them in the correct order then the story won’t follow, which will for me lead to confusion which is just something else I don’t want to have to deal with. Today I took my Son to school and `Pickle` to nursery before heading off to Taunton for some errands and appointments. First errand was to buy my Son a new pair of school shoes which I successfully did in no time at all and then returned to the car in order for me to not have to carry the damn bag in my mouth like a dog. I can’t hang the bag on the back of my chair as it rubs on the wheel which splits the bag and empties the contents of the bag on to the pavement, I don’t always know when this has happened and on more than one occasion have found myself with an empty bag, which is both annoying and as useful as tits on a fish. So I decided as time was on my side for a change that I would return to the car to drop the shoes off. Next I opted for a cup of tea in Subway, I had contemplated visiting the model shop and the toy stores but thought to my self that I am not a child and that going to the toy shops would be childish.

So after I left the Entertainer and the Hawkins Bazaar toy shops, I made my way to Subway for a cuppa. I refrained from having a sandwich but as I had not had breakfast I did opt for a cookie to accompany my cup of tea. I looked at the several different choices and thought about which one would be the least good for me, I had lost weight while I was away at Tedworth House, not a huge amount but a loss none the less and so I didn’t want to ruin it; no, I had to be sensible with my choice. My choice made, one of the staff kindly took my cuppa over to the table for me. I don’t turn the offer of help down any more in there after my emptying my freshly poured cup of tea over `Junior and the twins` a while back, and as I had appointments I did not particularly want to have to go clothes shopping and get changed in a disabled toilet if it all went wrong. Fortunately it did not go wrong and after my tea and cookie were finished I headed off to my first appointment, that being with my solicitor. Oh, the sensible choice I made was the double choc chip cookie, and it was lurverly!

My appointment with my solicitor was ok. Something that he gave me made me a little angry but also made me laugh and be confused all at the same time. The longer this goes on the more of a joke it becomes. After what all the fighting has done to me resulting in my needing to go away for two weeks, and the effect it has all had on my life in general I now just try to take on board what has been said and not get wound up about it, that said though I just want to get it to court now. After my meeting with my solicitor I had to go to the BBC radio station as one of the presenters had got in touch with me wanting to talk to me about a possible `interview` after seeing my abseil story in the local papers. She went on to read my Blog and as a result wanted to chat. I was happy to do this as it gives the opportunity to make more people aware of my Blog which has the potential to help massively with raising money when I do my abseil and the Three Peaks Challenge if I manage to get them organised. I chatted with the presenter whose name is Emma ironically enough, she is a bubbly character and spoke to me about how she would like the `chat` to go. I think it went well, and when she mails me with the day and rough time I’ll let you know so you can see what you think.

I left the building and pushed my self back in to the town centre as I decided that I would have a spot of lunch, only one thing for it…SUBWAY…again…bad I know, but I had to have lunch and I do have salad in the Sub which is healthy, so sod it. Subway finished it was time to head back to the car, go to the other couple of shops and finally with my errands completed, make my way back to Ilminster to collect my Son from school and then on to the bungalow.

A few things to think about for me today after my meeting. Nothing I am going to get stressed about but I will inevitably think about quite a lot. I’m going to focus my attention on arranging the abseil I think and start trying to organise it, that should keep me reasonably calm. Now though I am off to bed to catch up on some NCIS, LA or original I have yet to decide so I guess I’ll see when I get sorted.

Goodnight all.


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