Busy day of visitors.

As you will have seen this morning, I wrote my blog during acupuncture, multitasking if you like. I didn’t manage to master it fully but I did manage to semi have a conversation with Maralyn whilst she was sticking pins in me while I was concurrently writing the blog, well I was impressed with myself anyway.

I told Maralyn all about the concert last night, I was still buzzing from the sound of the Bugles last night. I showed Maralyn a video of the Bugles playing from the concert that I had taken and the hairs were up on the back of my neck again, a feeling that I’m sure can only truely be felt by a soldier. After Maralyn had finished I arranged my next appointment which will not be the usual Tuesday appointment due to the operation I have on Monday.

Literally five minutes after Maralyn had left there was a knock at the door, it was my friend that I “walk” to Ilminster with on Wednesdays. She helped herself to a cuppa while I got dressed and in to my wheelchair. I joined her in the front room and wifey made me a cuppa while we chatted. My wife needed to go to Taunton but `Pickle` needed collecting from nursery, so we all decided that as I will be unable to make the usual trip in to Ilminster on Wednesday due to the operation on Monday, that we would “walk” in to Ilminster again today, so that is exactly what we did. Time today, 1hr 30 mins, it was slower slightly than Wednesday but it was the second time in a few days I had done it so I didn’t get too upset about it and was actually quite chuffed. We got to my Daughters nursery and knocked on the door, I went in and there she was telling me all about what she had been doing. She said her goodbyes to the staff and she sat up on my lap for the short journey to go and get a drink while we waited for my wife to collect us on her way back from Taunton. She was absolutely full of it, really hyper and this was even more evident when my Wife pulled in to the car park to collect us. The screams of “MUMMY, MUMMY LOOK IT’S MUMMY!” could probably have been heard in Chard to be honest. We loaded up in to the Chuklebus and headed back to the bungalow where my friend came in for a cuppa and to continue with our chat.

Around ten minutes after we arrived home, my friend from the welfare team came to visit. It’s always a great laugh chatting to her, she is interested in how we are getting on not just as a welfare NCO but as a friend also and she is perfectly capable of telling it how it is as well. She sat down with me and my friend and my wife and we were all chatting away. A little while after we had got back to the bungalow my friend went home and Wifey went to get the kids from school, at the same time my physiotherapist arrived for my weekly appointment with her. It was good for my welfare unit friend to see what I was doing, how I was progressing, how my spasms affected me in which ways and also how much effort I needed to get from my sofa to my wheelchair. It was an eye opener for her but also quite educational.

Once the physio had gone my eldest Son and his Girlfriend came round bringing my Granddaughter to see me, she is nearly three months old already! It was excellent to hold my Granddaughter, sitting her on my lap and I really hope that it won’t be too long before she comes to visit again, I can only get to see her when they come to me as I am unable to get in to the house where they live.

So the day has turned to night, and so sleep is required. Up early is a requirement for tomorrow as me and my Brother in Law Tom go for a flight in an aeroplane….to jump out of it, or in my case, fall out of it. We will of course be strapped to a couple of guys who think this is a fun way to spend their time so I’m guessing that we are going out, people have asked me if I am looking forward to it, well yes I guess I am to see what it is like and to say I have done it. Maybe I will want to look in to doing it again, we shall have to see. Am I nervous? Right now No, but then I am not at 15,000 ft looking out of a plane whilst sat on the edge waiting to fall, so that may change. Am I scared, No, what is the worst can happen after all. Am I looking forward to it? Oh hell yeah!

I hope to be able to write tomorrow describing how I felt, and the experience through my eyes, feelings and emotions.


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