Exercise Snow Warrior 5 (Adaptive) Pictures.

Well today has been very much back to the normal. I have replied to e mails and put a few things on to the social network site. I have collected “Pickle” from nursery and watched one of the many episodes of NCIS:LA that have recorded whilst I have been away, downloaded some pictures of my time away and some other bits and bobs but no matter what I have done or been doing I have been thinking of the skiing. I enjoyed it so much and enjoyed the laughs I had with “Team George” and although it is great to be back with my family I have missed it all today. However, I did get to go away and experience the skiing while Wifey and the kids stayed here so I shouldn’t complain. Anyway, I said I would share some pictures with you and so here you go, but I am unable to put up any little snippits of film as I am not clever enough but I will try to get something sorted for a bit later. I hope that you get some idea of what I’ve been up to and how I have got on. I did not get to the solo standard but I found it hard to turn the ski as my stomach muscles don’t work. In time I would have got the turns tighter but at this stage I was on “tethers” to assist me. I could not be disappointed though as I had never tried skiing before and I was really pleased with what I was able to do at the finish. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

me and ash 3 IMG_1579 IMG_1578 IMG_1577 IMG_1576 IMG_1575 BB11 IMG_1574 IMG_1573 IMG_1572 ski Sitski My slope IMG_1571 Me, Ash and Hannah. IMG_1570 me hannah and kev IMG_1569 IMG_1568 IMG_1567 DSC_0549 IMG_1599 IMG_1598 IMG_1597 IMG_1596 IMG_1595 IMG_1594 IMG_1593 IMG_1592 IMG_1591 IMG_1590 IMG_1589 IMG_1588 IMG_1587 IMG_1586 IMG_1585 IMG_1583 IMG_1582 IMG_1581 IMG_1580 IMG_1603 Team George BB17 BB16 BB15 BB14 BB13 BB12 BB11 BB10 BB9 BB8 BB7 BB6 BB5 BB4 BB3 BB2 BB1 me hannah and kev me hannah and kev 2 me and ash


I had an amazing time with Battle Back. They do many things with and for the injured who are and have served, so look them up on FaceBook and send a friend request so you can see what they are up to.

Goodnight all.


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