Lazy day.

You already know that I had a substantial lay in this morning, I have noticed that since my accident or probably my stay in hospital and at home, I have so little energy. I used to survive on 4 or 5 hours sleep, no such luck now though. Yesterday did me in and I could not wake this morning, energy drain is an understatement. Anyway, today consisted of writing my Blog, which took hours because I kept doing something which would lose what I had written, very frustrating. However, I finally managed to complete it and got it on to the web.

Then it was cinema time, well, DVD time anyway. Tom, Hev and some other friends came over and we watched the three DVD’s of our jump yesterday. It was massively amusing taking the mickey out of each other. The DVD’s were brilliant, I am so happy I bought the DVD for my jump. People say that you always have the memories, but my memory is so bad since my head it the car in the accident that I have the DVD to have always.

The `guests` stayed for a good few hours and then the house was empty once more. Then it was a light tea and start getting the kids bathed and bed. This worked well apart from the obvious one…`Pickle` who is still up now. She has helped “tidy”, she has watched some television and is now just packing her new dress up toy away. I did ask her if she was ready to go to bo bo and she gave me the very definate and confident answer, “No Daddy”. So now it is that time, time to try to get `Pickle` to bed. To that end I am going to have to go. It was a quiet day today which was expected, not very good from a writing point of view but very very good from a resting and chill out point of view.

Right, the task of getting `Pickle` to bed is the last thing on the agenda before hospital tomorrow for the operation to remove the metal from my left arm. Depending on how tomorrow goes I may or may not be able to write the Blog. If it is anything like the last operation, I shall be going to sleep and so there will be no Blog but please


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