I have finally managed to get some pictures of the visit for the group to The Roman Baths, at Bath and some of the site where they have been digging and to that end, I am going to share them with you as you have been waiting a week. So here are some images.

221 229 231 242 243 244 262 264 266 267 281 316 317 323 324 326 431 437 443

All of the above images are from Rhys Davies who kindly allowed me to use them, the next bunch are from site…

342 347 354 356 361 362 408 412 426

Again photos from Rhys Davies,

Just a quick Blog to get some pictures for you to see.

I am back at home now and intend to get a bit of kip in my bed for a couple of nights, may even get a cuddle from Wifey! To that end…

Goodnight all.



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