`Pickle’s` Birthday Party.

My youngest did not want to wake up this morning which really got to my wife. “Wakey wakey `Pickle`, time to open pressies, lets go, come see what you have got, wakey wakey…..wakey wakey…..PICKLE, WAKE UP!It was as bad as it usually is at Christmas time. The one day she really wants the kids to get up at stupid o `clock and be all creeping round looking for presents, they don’t. Makes me laugh I have to say. This morning then, wifey was desperately trying to wake her highness up to open pressies but alas, the best `Pickle` could manage was a grin, roll over and back to sleep.

Attention then turned to me, I got my bowl of water and got washed and dressed. Then I got out of bed in to my manual wheelchair and went for a cup of tea and today I decided to have some cereal which was a change to the norm. Then I heard the sound of tiny foorsteps and sure enough, `Pickle` walked in to the kitchen. “Happy Birthday `Pickle`” I said, “Would you like to open some pressies baby?” The obvious reply came and she ran in to the front room. My eldest Daughter bought in the balloon we had bought which I mentioned yesterday. `Pickle’s` face was a picture, “MINNIE MOUSE DADDY LOOK, MINNIE MOUSE!..MUMMY, LOOK, MINNIE MOUSE!, then followed by excited screams. I’m guessing that she may have been a touch excited. She spent time opening her presents and her cards and showing us all and then we had to stop her playing so we could get her washed and dressed ready for her party.

The majority of the “trimmings” were put up last night by wifey, there is unfortunately very little I can do which makes you feel a bit crap to be honest. You kind of feel like a by stander. The term “I wish I could be a fly on the wall”, trust me, in this instance you don’t want to be but that is how it feels. I did some bit and bobs and then the doorbell rang. It was my Mother in Law who had prepared some sandwiches of different fillings which helped wifey massively. The sausages and sausage rolls were in the oven and things were under control so I basically disappeared. I would be called if I was needed for anything, last year `Pickle` celebrated her Birthday visiting me in hospital, this year would be at our new home but it was quite difficult watching the preparations rather than being a part of it. Instead I took myself off and looked up random stuff on the computer, looking busy basically. It was not that I was being left out, it was just simpler and quicker how it was being done, and to be honest, that was how it needed to be done.

The guests started to arrive, I took post next to the kettle and started to take orders like a burger van. Coffee and tea, tea and coffee, made, done delivered or collected then the doorbell would ring and the kettle was refilled and the next lot of orders would be taken. I did reasonably well remembering the orders but I always had Bex on hand to remember and deliver for me, very helpful…what a team. Then I saw the opportunity to get out of dodge and “ran” away! The visitors arrived one after the other and the Bungalow filled with the sound of talking, laughter and kids….mainly because it filled with kids! Everyone was enjoying themselves, the food was slowly going down and after most of the kids had finished their plates of food and were back playing again, my eldest Daughter and my eldest Niece did pass the parcel with the younger ones. She had spent the previous evening wrapping the two presents with a sweet in each layer, one parcel for the boys and the other for the girls. She and my Niece did a really good job of controlling it, and I am proud of how they both did.

So the afternoon seemed to fly by and slowly the guests left with their party bags and traditional slice of Birthday cake. Two of `Pickles` Godparents and my Brother and his family were left, along with my Mother in Law who had stayed to help tidy after the house was clear of guests. After chatting for a while longer about various stuff, the Godparents and my Brothers tribe all left and then the clear up operation began. It was now that I took myself off again and this time had a bath. Tonight I proved to myself and showed my wife that I am able, all be it a struggle and if the spasms start a little dodgey as I nearly fell from the chair four times tonight because of the spasms, to swap in to my shower chair. Get to the bathroom and run the bath. Undress and prepare towels for my getting out (as I have to sit on the floor to dry so I need a towel on the floor). Get in the bath and carry out the personal admin. Get out, dry and get on to my shower chair again. Pack down and get to my room ready for bed. I was so chuffed with myself, I still needed a little help for the final drying bit, but I had achieved what was the impossible for me 3 months ago, and I had done with determination. The technique of transferring had been taught to me 3 months ago, and in the time between then and now, I had been practicing on my own, with my wife and with my Physio. Now, I was trying harder things. I even manage to get myself in to the sitting position from lying down in the bath. A real sense of self achievement I had this evening. Still got to get to the point where I need no help though, until then, there is work to do.

I got in to bed after my bath, it is stupid to get dressed again and get in to another chair, when I can just get straight in to bed. And that is where I stayed. The kids were in bed, wifey was on her way to bed and so it made sense to get to bed and write today’s Blog.

So here it is. The countdown for the skydive is well underway. Single figures, 5 to be precise. Monday-call jump centre to find out jump time. Tuesday-get details of those going and which vehicles they will be travelling in to book them in. Wednesday-go over all the details again just to be sure. Thursday-double check no one else wants to go and check jump weather is OK. Friday-prepare personal admin for the jump. Saturday-probably think that this was a bloody stupid idea! Please sponsor me if you are able. As Tesco repeatedly say, “every little helps” so please, visit my donation page at www.justgiving.com/george-pas and give what you can. I really want to help the charities that have helped me so that they have that money again to help someone else. If you have already donated, please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Goodnight all.


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