Tedworth House.

Arrived at Tedworth House, which is the Help for Heroes recovery centre near Tidworth, at approximately 15.30. Darren had driven me and my Daughter had accompanied us which was lovely. We went to the front desk and standing there was George, another of the Band of Brothers who is in for a couple of days. I met George at a Mission Motorsport day at Castle Combe raceway last year and we got on really well. Similarly his Wife who is one of the Band of Sisters chats on line to my Wife which is good for both of them, they are able to ask questions amongst each other of many different things but importantly about how their relationships are coping and any support they have been given. It is a support network in itself really which is excellent.

I signed for my key and George showed me to the room, once in, Darren and my Daughter went and got my things to bring in to the room ready for me to unpack. They moved my wheelchairs to where they are best suited to be accessible yet out of the way and then with all of my things in, we went for a cuppa in the Library. It was around 17.00 when they left and this is when I went back to the room to unpack the rest of my things and once finished I returned to the library where the television was on. At around 18.00 we all went to the dining hall for a roast dinner which was really good, and with that done I have returned to my room where I fully intend to get an early night. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, we shall have to see.

Goodnight all.


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