A Birthday Surprise.

On Friday night I was delivered to a surprise 40th Birthday Party that my Wife Emma had organised for me. A great many people were invited of which for one reason or another, a handful attended, but it was the right hand full. My first Platoon Serjeant who is the reason that I wanted to be one and his Wife. An ex regular soldier who I learnt much from and his Wife. An ex member of my unit who I became great friends with and his wife. Two currently serving and their Wives whose friendship I hold dear. Ex work colleagues and their Wives, 3 of my Aunties who always make an effort to travel to see me. Friends and relatives who I don’t see as much as I should and of course my family. It was a great night with my main regret being I did not thank my Wife in my somewhat lame thankyou speech. I didn’t get to spend much time socialising with everyone but I am truly grateful for those who came along. Thankyou for the cards and gifts, each and every one means a lot. Thanks also to those who could not attend but sent cards and gifts. This morning two friends whom I rarely see but think so much of came for coffees and catch ups. It was a great few hours which I hope we will all do again in the not too distant future. A public thank you also to my ex Commanding Officer who could not make it due to being stuck Stateside but still felt he wanted to send a gift. 12 bottles of wines sent by courier. I can’t tell you how taken aback I was and still am. He would always visit me in hospital and was hugely supportive both to me and my family. Thank you to my Wife for a great evening. Thanks to all those who came or sent cards and to those who helped.

Goodnight all.


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