A late entry new contender?

Today started with my acupuncture treatment after the normal personal admin was done. `Pickle` was at nursery as Wifey had taken the kids to school as normal and so it was a normal day. After my treatment had finished and I had dressed, I got in to my manual chair and Wifey and I went in to town for a couple of things. It was quite nice to be spending a bit of time “walking” around town together, with no real agenda, just a bit of time wasting. When it was time to go and collect `Pickle` from nursery we returned to the Chucklebus, low and behold, someone had parked their vehicle about a meter from the rear of the bus. Problem? Well yes. I need at least three meters clear space behind the bus to get the lift out and me on, to try to ensure this we have a sticker on the back window in bright colors and pictures for those who may not read very well explaining this. But as I am becoming more and more aware, some people are blissfully unaware of anyone else being in existence on this planet, and they therefore do what they like, just like the hillbilly 4×4 family I wrote about a few weeks ago. So Wifey moved the van out in to the road to enable me to get in and as soon as she had shut the doors, the guy who had parked so close returned to his car. My Wife asked if it was his car and when the reply came back as a yes she informed him of the fact that it had been necessary to pull the bus out in to the road to get me in. She pointed out the colorful sticker on the rear window and asked him to be a little more aware of things in the future. She was a hell of a lot more polite than I would have been, and the guy suddenly went in to a seemingly unknown environment where a female had challenged his actions, result was an abundance of apologise! So a lesson today for readers, if you happen to park behind a wagon labeled as disabled and it asks for a clear area behind vehicle, please be respectful and keep that distance. Do not take for granted that the van will simply be moved and the disabled person will then get in, it may be the disabled drivers access to the vehicle in the first place, and then how will the vehicle be moved? Think please.

We collected `Pickle` and then drove to the 24hr garage on the roundabout where we had arranged to meet a rep with another disability vehicle. I had been asked to trial it and so it was off to the local forest/nature area where we had trialed the Boma 7. I did not know what to make of it but it was actually very good. Very easy for me to get on to and very easy to steer and control the speed. It was clearly a very capable machine. I am sorry I have no photographs of the trial, it was a very last minute thing and I had not been able to arrange for any one to be there with me to take pictures as I did with the Boma 7. It did put another vehicle up there though. I thought that I had been convinced of the choice with what I had researched but this had now come to light and was considerably cheaper. I am still saving for the original choice but will be continuing the research on this newly bought to light piece of equipment compared to the Boma 7, watch this space!

Tonight I went to the cinema to see the new Twilight movie with my Wife, Daughter and niece. I have to say that I have found the rest of the movies in the series to be very good. My Daughter wanted me to sit and watch the first movie with her and my Wife, I humored them and said yes thinking that at least it would be nice to sit down for an evening without rushing off to do something else as I was always busy, and I was really surprised at just how good it was. From then on when the latest movie was available to buy, it was purchased and viewed by us. This was supposed to be the last in the saga but I feel that they have definitely left it open for the possibility of another, or maybe a new series of films branched form the originals, who knows?

So now I am in bed writing my Blog. Not too busy today, not much to write about but an entry in to the Blog is added despite this. As I have said previously, not every day does something happen, or life would be boring. But I will write as daily as I am able, as something may come to page that you can relate to or think about. For now though, Wifey is well in the land of sleepy bo bo ready for tomorrow evening which she is very much looking forward to, and that I will no doubt hear about for a long while to come bless her, there is no doubt in my mind that she will enjoy herself and that she deserves it. More on that tomorrow though. For me it is N.C.I.S time, and for you, well, what ever you are doing. I sincerely hope that you all have a great day tomorrow, and enjoy a weekend with friends and/or family, until tomorrow evening though, from me,

Goodnight all.



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