Another operation day.

So today was the day to have the metal removed from my left forearm and wrist, making me a little lighter I hope and lessening the chance of me being weighed in for scrap! Got up and took care of the personal admin, had a cup of black coffee as I was not allowed anything with milk in preparation for the operation and of course no food. The last food I had consumed was at 18.00 on Sunday which my brother would no doubt say was not a bad thing as I have certainly put a bit of circumferance on in the belly area since I gave up running, missing a meal doesn`t really bother me but this morning I proper fancied some toast. Resisting the desire for the food, we started to get ready to depart the house. Wifey did the normal check list, this has to be done as I have some memory problems since my head collided with the side of the car in the collision. Bag, cathetors, medical warning card, hospital letter….STOP! Hospital letter, where in the name of all things holy have I put that? Despite my best efforts to firstly blag it and secondly blame the wife, I had to call the hospital to get the ward name. After getting the details and writing them down so I didn`t forget, we set off for the hospital in Taunton.

Even though we had heard rumours of flooding in the area we had a good clear run to Taunton and we arrived in plenty of time. We went to the ward and checked in and we were shown to the bed I would be in. It was a simple in and out in one day op but the bed is there in case. The nurse came and did the checking of details and paperwork which was a little less than smoothe as it was the wrong patients notes, it didn`t fill me with a massive amount of confidence and I very quickly asked everyone in the room if any of them were due to have any amputations, just in case! On return, the nurse did indeed have the correct notes and we sorted all the consent forms etc out.

I got on to the bed with wifey`s help and changed in to the operating gown, ensuring that all of my clothes were where I could reach them for getting dressed after the op. The guy who sorts the medication out for discharge came and saw me, then the surgeon, then the anaesthetist. Finally, I was informed that because I would be going home that day, I moved up the queue and would be going in five minutes. Yay! Get in, be out in no time and home before the arm woke up again and started to hurt. Let`s go!

A quick message on the phone to say I was in early and not two minutes later, the surgeon comes back and pulls the curtain around. They say a picture paints a thousand words, and believe me, this was not a happy picture. It would appear that I would not be able to have the operation due to a mix up beyond my surgeons control, and he could not appologise enough. There was the option of staying in the hospital and trying to get the op done first thing in the morning, but there was the risk of it being for nothing if an emergency came in, which with my luck so far was bound to happen. It was therefore decided that another appointment would be made for the operation as soon as possible.

So I need to tell the surgeon that I have the skydive in 20 something days and that the op may have to wait until after that date. It of course delays the physio a bit, but shit happens as they say, I`ll call him tomorrow. Had a real good chat with the gentleman who is building my other website for me tonight, mashed my grey matter with computer speak again, but I think I`m getting the hang of it to a degree now. I will of course keep anyone reading my blog updated with developments.

Another day tomorrow, let`s see what that brings.


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