Another Snowy Day!

We took `Pickle` to nursery on Monday morning and then went straight up to Lidl. A leaflet had been put through Darren’s door advertising some things that would be in the store for sale as a special, they have different things in every week and this week there were a couple of good things of interest but one thing in particular that interested me. They were selling an illuminated magnifier which would be ideal for me to use when building my models. Since my accident my eyes are not what they were and they get tired if I work them too hard, such as when I am model making, things like this tend to go quite quickly and so we went there straight from dropping `Pickle` off. We got there and probably due to the fact that we got there quite early, there were still a number of them left. I am looking forward to using it, especially for painting the small parts, hopefully I’ll be able to make real improvements on the finish of my models.

The rest of the day was a day of sorting and as my Wife had brought me a box of drawers, I put my paints and other model making things in to the drawers which tidied up the table and makes it easier for me to get the things I need. Darren tidied up the silicone sealant and we did a modification to my manual chair, I have purchased a set of wheels to assist in my trips down the cycle path and also will help me to go out across my grass to see my fish pond. Only the wheel that lifts my castor’s off of the floor has arrived as the two chunky main wheels have to come from the States. Was hoping to use it tomorrow on my Wednesday walk, but we shall have to see what with the snow fall that we have had, my thin wheels that I have offer no traction so I will have to wait and see. The kitchen looks really good though, just the few things we did changed it so much.

Today my Wife and Tabatha went for a walk down the cycle path to Ilminster again to see if they could do it quicker, Darren and I kept `Pickle` while the girls went for their walk and then at around mid day the three of us got in to the Chucklebus and headed over to meet them at the Stonemasons for lunch. The food and service were again excellent and once we were finished we all loaded up and headed back to the bungalow. Tabatha had work tonight and it was close to the time to collect the kids from school so they left, my Wife went off to collect ours from school in Ilminster and before she had got home it started to snow quite heavily. My Son had swimming lesson today as my Daughter could not attend and all the time he was gone, it really snowed, to the point that my Wife left the Chucklebus there. She is not happy about driving in the snow or ice and so she decided to leave it there and walk back. Purely by coincidence, Alison called to see if all was ok as she knows that the kids have their swimming and she said that she would drive a slightly different way home from work and pick my Wife and son up.

Alison was unfortunately caught up in a couple of collisions on the way to meeting my Wife and Son and as a result had to turn around. It took so long for her to get through all of the cars that were having problems that she met them after they had completed about a half of the walk. They got back to the bungalow and we had coffees, Steve had come round while walking the dog and then drove Alison’s car to their home. He then walked back to ours so they could walk back together. Steve, Alison, and my Brother all offered to go and collect the Chucklebus from the swimming pool but we decided to leave it there. While we were having a chat and coffees, Darren arrived at the bungalow, he had come to get the keys for the Chucklebus and walk to get it then drive it back. He was more than used to driving in the snow as he used to live near Lossiemouth in Scotland. He said he would have a look and if he did not think it would get up the hill out of the car park he would leave it there and collect it tomorrow. So we gave him the keys and he and my Daughter walked up to the swimming pool car park, now we would just wait and see.

Alison and Steve took their walk home and a short while later Darren pulled up in the Chucklebus. Alison and I had spoken about going for a walk tomorrow but I had to see if the power chair I have would cope in the snow, so I took it outside and it did move along, confession time, I spent the entire time cocking about doing spins and little doughnuts in the snow but hey, snow is for enjoying isn’t it? Darren left to drive back to his place ready for Tabatha to go to work, he texted me to say that he had to leave his car and walk. Cars were not managing to get around on the snow and people were simply abandoning their vehicles, this had made it impossible for him to get to his road and so he parked his car and walked the rest of the way. The main thing ultimately though is that he got back to his home, Wife and kids without any damage to his car or himself. The same can not be said for the many people who fell foul to the snow, vehicles being bumped and people slipping over.

Well I hope that everyone has been safe in the snow, and has enjoyed it while it has been around. Yes it does manage to bring total disruption to the country but it is so infrequent does it really matter if for one or two days the kids can not go to school or that for one or two days you are unable to drive to work. If it was an occurrence that lasted for a few weeks or a couple of months every year then it would be different. Everyone complains about the fact that our country is bloody useless when this happens and that countries like Canada and the States don’t struggle and I am just as guilty, but while we are getting the snow why not just enjoy it with our kids or as kids? Inevitably it won’t be around for long because the rain will return unless we are slowly getting our winters back to how they were when I was a very young kid, and I would hope that we would have sussed out how to deal with the snow by the time that happens. Meanwhile, if you awake tomorrow morning and the snow is still here, be careful getting about. Whether it be in a car or if you are walking, be sensible and careful. Clear the snow from your windows and roofs of your vehicles if you can reach, so you can see clearly and so that a big sheet of snow does not fall from your roof on to the vehicle behind. If you are walking, remember it is not a fashion parade, wear suitable boots because when you are lying on the floor having slipped in your smooth soled office shoes, you will only look like complete idiot. Aside form all of that, enjoy.

Oh, one last thing. Please remember that wheelchairs do struggle in the snow and that disabled people using them may have to resort to using the road. If you happen to come across this, please give them room, it is by necessity that they are using the road, and not a choice that they are in the chair. Be mindful and respectful, because it only takes a bad fall when walking or climbing from your cab and the wheelchair could be the only way for you to get around, and believe me when I say, you really don’t want that but it can and does happen to anyone!

Goodnight all.




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