Back at Stoke Mandeville!

I arrived at the National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC) at a little after 10.00 this morning. I was shown to my bed space where I unpacked and put away my things before going for a cuppa. I had missed my physio session which was at 10.00 but I had to get booked in and unpacked so I would have missed it anyway. With the paperwork done I went down to the spinal gym to let the physio’s know I was at the hospital and to apologise for missing my first session. In the gym was Kirsty who does the fitness and sports sessions as well as wheelchair skills and the personal development of the patients by working with them on the weights and other machines that are available. She told me of the fitness and sports in the afternoon and I said that I would be there, I needed to get my timetable though to check what was on it. The fitness was on it and at 13.00 until 17.00 I sweated my rocks off, putting every ounce of energy I had in to the fitness and sports. I lost weight when I was here last, and I intend to do it again.

Needless to say I needed a shower when I got back here which I did a short while ago. I have met a couple of blokes already who I have had a good chat with and a good laugh at the fitness and sports with one also and I hope that it will continue. I hope as well to meet more people like I did the last time. It is an all together different crowd this time. I have already seen a few who look to have already given up which is a shame but I have also tried to encourage others to take part in the fitness and sports while they have the opportunity at the hospital. It is difficult to try to make them understand that it will condition their bodies for when they leave the hospital “bubble” with the flat smooth floors. The pavements in the real word are hard work and unforgiving and the best way for them to prepare for the shock of it, is to do the fitness and sports sessions and to take part in the “roll outs” to the local shops on the sports evening. It is not every week you get to go out but it is necessary for them to see what lies ahead on their discharge.

Tomorrow I have my consultant coming round. After lunch I am going to be using a leg bike which I am really looking forward to and then straight after that I have my physio. The in between time I intend to spend on the weights or in the standing frame, I may try to practice my transfer from floor to chair if the physio department are ok with it, unless that is that I am completely knackered which is likely to be a possibility if how I am feeling now is anything to go by! Short little entry today, but there is no point in writing about nothing, I’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Goodnight all.


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