As you will have read on my last entry I had been feeling like absolute crap. Spasms, sweating, headaches and feeling sick to name but a few things and an overwhelming desire to sleep have been a nightmare to deal with but deal with them I must. If I don’t deal with it and carry on the best I can then it results in staying in bed and in the house which can if you are not careful, become a habit and then routine, before you know it you’ll not do anything and that just isn’t me and so I have been getting out even if it is a roll around town or collecting “Pickle” from school but whatever it was it meant I was out. I am happy to report though that the antibiotics have worked in so much as I don’t spasm any where near as bad, the sick feeling has gone as has the sweating and hedaches. The toe is still a little red and the pain is still present that can only be described as the top of the toe rubbing constantly in the inside of my shoe. Logic would suggest that I remove the shoe and the rubbing will stop, unfortunately though I currently do not have a shoe or sock on. This is the feeling that I get every day from the second I wake to the second I sleep and it is the same for both toes, nice eh? Fortunately I have taught myself to ignore this over the last three years although not always do I manage to keep it from bothering me, and these are just two things that I have to hide away on a daily basis.

I’ve met with “Me Val” twice for coffee which has been great, I don’t get to see her very often since not being able to take part in exercise or weekends away with the Army anymore and we had so much to chat about. Despite chatting for a good couple of hours last week, when I met with her completely by accident on Tuesday, there was still loads to share. I really enjoy having a catch up with “Me Val”, she is mad as a box of frogs on heroin and we have such a laugh so any opportunity I get to have a cuppa, I take it.

I got out on my handcycle on Tuesday too which was brilliant. Darren met me at the dog walking park at the top of town, it has a really smoothe tarmac pathway that goes all the way around the inside of the park. It is approximately half a mile all the way around with a gradient up half of it and then down the other. I can’t get out on my handcycle anywhere near as much as I want to. I want to be on it every single day so that I can get my fitness and my upper body strength up but I can’t. I have to have someone get my cycle to the park, my Wife put the cycle in the “Chucklebus” and gave me a lift there on Tuesday but I can’t expect her to do it every time. I can ride around the path at the dog park on my own no problem but the trip back to my bungalow is not something I would like to do on my own at the moment. Darren rode back with me on Tuesady and we went down through town. One car nearly pulled in to my path but spotted Darren, even though I have my bright coloured flag they do not see me as I am so low to the ground, and ironically the guy was pissed at me like it was my fault! Pedestrians waiting to cross the road spotted my flag I think and their comments caused a great deal of other people walking to look at me which was good and then the lights changed to red at the bottom but I had slowed considerably as I had to turn left at the bottom and didn’t want to go too fast so the red light didn’t catch me out. The rest of the ride home was good but I have to turn right in to my road which I wouldn’t want to do on my own really in case I am not seen. When I get to my bungalow I need someone to get my wheelchair and step for me so that I can transfer out of my handcycle as my cycle will not go on to my driveway due to it bottoming out and I need a little help with my transfer, so as you can see I need to rely on people to give up time for me to be able to enjoy my fitness cycling and cycling in general. That said, I’m going to see if my Wife would mind picking me and my cycle up and taking me to the park, she can put my feet in to the straps and I can go round and round the park to my hearts content for an hour or so. When I am ready to go home I could call and ask if she could meet me at my place and help me in to the chair. Alternatively see if Darren could meet me or maybe, as he is on a bit of a health drive at the moment, my Brother Chris, I’ll have to see. I am going to get a training roller for the front room at my place too so that I can watch the tele while cycling, this will be good for the winter months and for if I am unable to go out if there is no one available to help me.

Well, that’s about it for now, hope all is well with you, until next time.

Goodnight all.


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