Not getting any better.

Today has been terrible. My Son stayed over last night, we stayed up building his Lego Technic model that he was given for his Birthday by Darren, Tabatha and the girls. We had previously tried to build it but I thought that there were some pieces missing. As it was, Darren had a look and I had missed that there was a piece I was using instead of one other that I should have used which threw the numbers out. A simple mistake but one that I wouldn’t normally have made, another show to me of how much eyes have suffered since my collision as before it happened my eyesight was fantastic. Anyway, we did finish it last night and at least 98% was done by my Son with me only having to help with a few of the fiddly bits that he had asked me do for him. Really proud of him for how he has followed the instructions. Once it was finished which was after ten o’clock, my Son said goodnight and headed off to be and once I had taken the tablets I have to take, I did the same. Headache, sweating, feeling sick and generally like shite again, I was happy though that I had managed to spend the evening with my Son doing the thing he wanted to do and that I had also done some coloring with “Pickle” up until she was collected by my Wife and taken back to their home. I struggled to get myself in to bed, closing my eyes with each movement, as each movement caused a spasm which made my head hurt more than before but eventually I did get in to bed and somehow through the pain of my head and the spasms I fell asleep.

This morning I woke with a headache worse than the one I went to bed with and any movement was a struggle. My Son was already up and was quietly playing in his bedroom. I called to him and asked if he would be able to go in to the kitchen to get me a glass of water and my tablets as well as some more paracetamol which he did. It was not long before there was a knock at the front door which my Son answered and it was Tom who had bought my Daughter round. He called down the hallway to see if I was awake and then after my reply came to my room to check if I was ok. I told him honestly that I felt bad but there was nothing that he could do. It was shortly after this that my Wife, Mother-in-law and “Pickle” arrived. My Wife had told me the previous evening that she would be down to cut the grass and sort the borders in my garden as this is something I am unable to do myself. I got up for a short while but then got back on to my bed for a couple of hours this afternoon simply because my head hurts so badly. The spasms have subsided slightly but the headache is immense. I’ve had hangovers that haven’t been as bad as this or indeed lasted this long, NIGHTMARE. So tonight my Son is staying over again which will mean I get to spend more time with him obviously but also will help me in case I need anything. I am really hoping that tomorrow is better as we are going to be going to the park and the kids are taking their bikes. The idea is that Darren is going to help “Pickle” ride her bike without her stabilisers. This is obviously the thing that I would do but there is simply no way I can anymore and so my Brother is going to take that impotant job on for me. One other thing that gets added to the list of things that Dad’s are supposed to do, but that other male members of the family have been doing instead.

Goodnight all.


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