Birthday Princess “Pickle”

Yesterday (14th October) was my youngest Birthday; “Pickle” reached the grand old age of FIVE! Five years ago she was born and life simply could not have been better, she really made such a huge difference to my Wife and I and of course was a fantastic addition to our brilliant kids. As I had been up since stupid o’ clock I went up to my Wife’s place while the kids were getting ready for school so that I could wish her a happy Birthday and watch her open a couple of presents and her cards before my Wife took “Pickle” to school.


My Son reading the card to “Pickle”


We both went to collect her and as the weather had actually given a bit of a break in the wet stuff I travelled to the school in my power chair. When she had got to school in the morning three of the girls in her class approached her holding hands and sang “Happy Birthday” to her which was something that she had not expected, consequently she became a little overwhelmed and shed a few tears bless her but she was fine all day and came out of classroom at the end of school with nothing but smiles. She had enjoyed a really good day at school but must have been very tiring as she immediately climbed up and sat on my lap for a lift home, cheeky monkey!

I rolled back to my Wife’s place so that “Pickle” didn’t have to walk and then headed straight off to mine for a quick chair change to go to watch her at her swimming lesson. “Pickle” is really doing well in her swimming lessons; she is not scared of the water and is in fact really comfortable in it. She is not concerned when her instructor plays the ring a ring o’ roses game and they go under the water and wants to do it again right afterwards. Her jumping in is going really well although she does look to try to jump in to the arms of her instructor still but not every time so she is getting more confident with that too. With her lesson finished we all got in to my car and went back to my Wife’s place where we would be having a little Birthday tea for family members for the evening. She had lots of cards, Birthday money and presents which she was so excited about, and we of course had to take pictures of her with some of them.


Some of her cards.


She of course had the choice of cake pieces!

So here she is. My little Princess on her fifth Birthday.


“Look Daddy, I’m dressed my my dolly!”


The Frozen dress we had made for her.

It was a brilliant evening spent with family members and my Wife did a great job of cooking up the party food, the best bit of it though obviously, was seeing “Pickle” enjoying herself. She loved dressing up in her dresses and smiled and laughed all evening. The evening did however result in her bed time slipping right by a reasonable amount but hey, one night for her Birthday is OK.

Goodnight all.


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