Floor to bench, large split level transfers.

Today I worked with Katie my physio on floor to bench transfers. We set the bench at the same height as my chair and I lowered myself on to a short step. The step was around the same height as my hand cycle which was good, and it gave me familiar heights to work with. My right side is definitely my dominant and stronger side and I was able to give a really good push to get myself off of the floor or in this case step, and upwards towards the bench. While balancing I have to then “walk” my right fist in towards my body and my left fist away from my body to make room for my ass. This I did manage quite well but I just can’t quite get the extra inch or so I need in height to get on to the bench. This is currently achieved by Katie lifting me by my shorts (clothing in case anyone’s mind is wondering), which she holds on to in case I overbalance. We tried this repeatedly for almost an hour with a short break half way through where she could set another patient up with exercises, and gave me a short break to rest. It is bloody hard work, believe me, but it is more technique than strength. The general idea is to get your head as far over your knees as possible which will naturally lift your ass, I struggle with this bit because it is not how I transfer anyway but also because my bloody belly gets in the way. Tomorrow though I will remove my cushion from my chair and set the height of the bench at the height of the now cushionless chair. I did spend half of the session trying to go from floor to bench which was really knackering but I ended my session feeling that I had given it everything in effort and although I did not achieve the lift on my own, happy that I can lift and now need to master the technique. Looking forward to trying it more tomorrow.

After the transfer training with Katie, I got in to the standing frame and Katie strapped me in. I spent an hour in the frame which was great as although I do use the frame at home actually quite regularly, I always have something I need to be doing and so do not spend as long as I would like in it. A whole hour today, knowing I had no where to be and nothing of importance to do which was great. I got talking to a young lad who was exercising on the bench almost next to where I was in the standing frame. A rugby game gone bad leaving him with a broken neck, a really nice bloke who is not disalusioned as to how his injury will and is affecting him. I hope to chat some more with him while I am here as he really is a nice guy. I have made several aquaintences so far, people that I talk to daily, a couple of ladies who are in our spinal injuries group on Facebook which is really nice to speak to them face to face and a guy in particular who was paralysed after an accident and not so long ago damaged his cord again at a different level as a result of another accident. Fair play to the guy though, still smiling! I have the splints which I am obviously wearing on my feet, I have them on now actually and will have them on for another 15  minutes or so before I have to take them off. I must ask Katie tomorrow if they have been prescribed to me now or if I have to hand them back at the end. They are somewhat easier to put on than my boots at home, but are less asthetically pleasing! Still, it is the functuality of the splint and not the fashion of it that counts.

I had a look at a walking device today. The easiest way to describe them is to say “Wallace and Gromit’s, The Wrong Trousers.” I wanted to try them out but there is all kinds of steel umbrella ass covering paperwork that has to be done so I have asked if they would come back next week before I am discharged. I’d like to try them and write a review for you to read similar to the ones I did about the Boma 7, The Tramper and the Overlander 4. First impressions I have, and have logged them in my mind, but I want to try it properly to fully understand it and then I can write honestly about the product. I did take a photo of it so you can see what I am talking about, I just hope that I will get to try it.


If I do get to try it next week then I’ll write about it as I said.

So that was today, more floor to bench transfers and standing tomorrow, fitness and whatever else is available to do. Until then.

Goodnight all.


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