`Pickle` went to nursery today, she woke this morning proper chirpy, when I asked her what she was going to do today she immediately told me that she was going to nursery. She went off to the bathroom with my wife, got washed and changed and then had some breakfast. Meanwhile it was wash and get ready for acupuncture for me while the other two got themselves up and had some breakfast. My Son was up first, as always bless him and as soon as he had finished his breakfast, came and told me he was going to do the hoovering to save his Mum having to do it. “Mums busy all the time so I’m gonna do it Dad, is that OK?” I told him that she would really appreciate it and so he continued.

Maralyn came and did my acupuncture treatment and wifey returned from the trip to nursery and joined Maralyn and I for a chat. We talked for ages until finally, the treatment finished and Mralyn left for her other appointments. I got changed and transferred in to my power chair ready for whatever else was going to happen. The stitches are off of my arm now and so I can start to use it for transferring as long as I am a bit sensible and not over do it. Hence me using the power chair at the moment and for a little while.

So lunchtime came and we had a bite to eat and then I called my `Wednesday friend` to see if she fancied taking the dogs for a short walk down the cycle path with my kids and I. Wifey was off to collect `Pickle` in a short while and had some errands to run and so it meant that the kids would get some exercise, as would the dog and we would all kill some time while getting some fresh air. It was a nice walk, not as long as we would normally have done on a Wednesday but even that will probably have to stop during the winter as when we reach Ilminster we normally stop and have a drink or a spot of lunch. Unfortunately though we need to stay sat outside as we have the dog with us and I am not going to be wanting to sit out in the cold after making my way along the five miles in my manual chair. I’m pretty sure this would result in a cold after no time at all. We got a little way along the cycle path until we decided to turn back and make our way back to the bungalow. My friend was heading off for the weekend and so needed to get back and ensure all her packing was done for her and her husband, so when we got back to the bungalow she put the dog in the car and headed home.

My two kids enjoyed the walk, as did the dog and my wife had collected `Pickle` and finished the errands she had to do and had just arrived at the bungalow when we got there. I spent about an hour after our walk trying to make a DVD of some pictures of the skydive and part of the video of the jump as well to send to SSAFA HQ as they have expressed an interest in using it with my permission, as some kind of media tool. They helped me and my family so I have of course said yes. I could not seem to get the images and video to burn to the DVD. I tried about six discs all reaching 99% and then the drawer flicking open with an error message. I was massively frustrated with this as I wanted to get it sent off, however, before I had the chance to lose my temper with the laptopamabob and potentially damage it, my physio arrived.

She had brought me a boot for my foot. This boot is designed to stop my foot from `dropping`.  Because I do not stand, my ham strings are tightening or getting shorter. When I get in to bed, my feet do not sit upright as though you are stood up, they point forwards. Now I do try different things to prevent my hamstrings from shortening such as putting the souls of my feet together and pushing my elbows outwards whilst they are inside my knees, I then hold the knees by pushing down for a period of time and will then pull my heels in closer to my crotch and repeat the pushing with the elbows. This is basically all I can do, but my physio will help me stretch my legs where possible or if the are particularly painful. You can not have a physio visit on a weekly basis to stretch your legs unless you pay privately, brilliant eh? My physio is excellent. She helps me no end with various things, and has helped me with the techniques regarding transfers, we have a good chat when she is here as well. I could not have a visit from her last week as my arm was no good for anything, but this week we were back on track. More transfers etc next week.

So my physio left and my wife put tea on. The kids were playing, I went back to trying to sort the whole DVD thing out and then a visitor. Mother in Law had popped round to see if there was anything that we needed doing, and to find out what was happening for the evening. My wife tends to go swimming on a Friday with a friend. It gives her some time away which she needs, it can not be much fun looking after the kids and me, actually, just looking after me would do me in! Mother in Law just likes us to know that if I get a problem with me or the kids, she will be at home which is around five minutes tops from our place. She may pop in if wifey is out as well for a coffee, which is pretty much her just making sure all is ok. I am lucky really, and it means that wifey can forget about us for the hour or so that she manages to get away.

I sussed the DVD thingy out and managed to burn the disc and then the door went. My Brother had come round to have a look at some stuff for me. Things that I can’t sort myself and his Son had accompanied him for a visit. He played while the kids had tea and then the mayhem began when they had finished. They enjoy themselves playing and they tidy up so we almost leave them to it. `Pickle` had tired herself out today though and had opted for going straight to bed. She was out like a light in no time and so the kids had to keep the noise down and be a bit quieter. My Mother in Law headed home and said to call if I needed anything, wifey headed off to swimming and then my Brother headed back to his place. With the bungalow now quiet, `Pickle` asleep, my Son and Daughter playing quietly in their rooms, I decided to begin construction of the Liberator model kit.

I have built the turrets, put the men in with their guns. Glued the halves of the wings together as well as the fins and rudder. Constructed the cockpit and nose landing gear assembly and have left the windows etc until tomorrow. My eyes were finding it difficult to see the small parts so rather than ruin it, I have left it alone. My wife returned from swimming whilst I was working on my model and sat down to watch a bit of television before we decided it was time to get some sleep. I do not know what tomorrow has in store for us, I do know that I need to get some more trousers so it may be a trip in to Taunton, the weather will play a big part in the decision, but ultimately it is my wife who will need to drive so we shall see.

Oh, one more thing that I managed to do today was to put my skydive video on to the interweb, it is on youtube, you can see it if you are interested by watching the film below, hopefully you will want to do one yourself, it is AMAZING.

Goodnight all.


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