Goodbye 2012.

Yesterday my Wife’s Auntie, Uncle and Cousin returned to London and as the weather was crap again, no surprise there then, we stayed in and simply blitzed the bungalow. The tree came down as it had decided that it no longer needed it’s needles and my Wife was desperate to get the front room back to normal giving us the space back. As she took the decorations down my task was to remove the batteries from all of the novelty figures and decorations that `Pickle` loves so much. This went on all day and finally the majority of the communal family areas were sorted before tea. After tea the kids played and watched the television until our guests arrived for a drink in the evening. It was a great evening with `Me Val`, her husband Rod and the kids. The kids played and the adults talked about the usual things you talk about of Christmas until it was time for them to go as Rod had to work very early in the morning. We said goodbye and then after clearing the little bits and bobs of food away we all headed off to bed.

Today was the turn of the kids rooms to get blitzed, the plan we had to go for a walk down the cycle path, which would give my Son the chance to ride his new bicycle, clearly did not happen as with no surprise at all it was chucking it down with rain again. Not the best thing to be doing on the last day of the year but on the plus side, we would be starting the year with a spotless home! Nothing else really to report on today. The television has been rubbish and so to that end the kids have been playing with their presents nicely. We have had tea and are now just waiting for the chimes from Big Ben to ring out which we are watching on the television at the moment so that we can say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013, we especially will be hoping for a good year.

And so it remains only for me to say that I thank you for reading my blog in 2012 and I hope that you will continue to read in 2013, I hope to have more people log on to read also. May you welcome 2013 with open hearts, minds and arms and achieve goals you may set yourself but above all, I wish you health and happiness.

Goodnight all.


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