Well HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, I hope that your heads were not in too much pain when you awoke from whatever celebrations you may have had. Equally, I hope that you really saw the new year in giving it rock all. My home was peacefull and we did our usual thing of staying in with our kids and playing games, toys and then watching the new year being celebrated in London on the television which is what we normally do. For us it is about seeing in the new year with our children and me having a few drinks at home with snacks for us to pick at. Even `Pickle` managed to stay awake, in fact it was a bloody nightmare trying to get her to snuggle down and sleep bless her.

New years day was another day in relaxing, Lego models, toys and games some blitzing and I built a Hurricane model which I had to finish by way of putting decals on it tonight, photo’s to follow! All in all a day of little consequence and therefore very little to speak about although I did speak to a friend of mine who was in the TA. He finished to concentrate on his business and seems to be doing ok. We must have been talking on the phone for well over an hour catching up on thingsĀ which was great and if all goes to plan he will be dropping in for a visit tomorrow which I am really looking forward to. My Daughter was chuffed as we had arranged for her best friend to come and stay, it is difficult for her now that we have moved away from Ilminster, she can no longer just pop down to see her mate and so where we can, we invite her over to stay which is great for my Daughter and offers her a bit of a break from helping with her Brother and Sister which she does to take some of the stresses from my Wife. I am however able to do more now and so to that end can help to take the pressure off of my Wife and my Daughter, to a degree anyway.

Today has consisted of a massive lay in by most of us, `Pickle` didn’t rise until around quarter past mid day when she then went and got some breakfast. It was not until around three this afternoon that she came to me to get dressed. After that she continued to play with her toys, mainly her Peppa Pig Playground set but every so often she would come whizzing in to the front room on her scooter, she is really getting the hang of it quickly which is good. My Son has been playing Lego and his x box game that he got for Christmas, and My Daughter has been messing around on the games console and the pushbikes with her friend. As she does not get to mess about with her friend apart from at school time since we have moved I called her friends Dad to see if she could stay an extra night which was a nice surprise for my Daughter and her friend.

My wife today collected the keys to my step Brother and Sister in Laws new house that they are renting. They are coming tomorrow to get in and do their own clean as we all do when we move to a new property, then my step Brother will go and collect the van to move their things with our friend Paul and then head back to Bournemouth to pack. On Friday the pair of them will come back down and unpack the van in to the house before returning the van in the afternoon. For them, a new year, new schools, new job and a whole new start.

So that has been the last couple of days in the world of me, a quiet couple of days with very little going on. The next couple of days will see my step Brother and his family moving down and whilst I will be very little help in their moving task, I am looking forward to seeing their new place. I have been keeping up with the Race 2 Recovery team on the internet and I can’t wait for the Dakar race to start, I believe it starts on the 5th and there will be highlights on Sky, possibly on Eurosport. If you did see any of the programmes documenting their training for the rally then I hope that you were impressed by the achievements of the team with their various disabilities and to that end I hope, like me, you Will be watching the highlights.

Anyway, time has run away again and I ought to get to bed, at to that end.

Goodnight all.


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