Hard work.

Thursday was a day of good news and visitors. Aside from the rather normal and uninteresting day, my Step Brother and his family came down in the late afternoon to spend the night so that they would be ready for the visit to a potential school in the morning. They arrived in good spirits and while we were having a cuppa, my Sister in Law shared the news that she had been successful in her application for the job that she was recently interviewed for. So they have been successful in the house hunting, the job is secure and today the forms were done to get two places at one of the local schools. An extremely successful time and we could not be happier for them.

Today I had my acupuncture treatment as normal and Maralyn told me of her `clinic` that she will be holding once a week from the 7th of January 2013 in Chard. It will be above the hairdressers next door to the car and bike shop at the turning for Boden Street. Maybe someone reading may wish to take the opportunity of treatment, who knows.

My physio came round today I went from my chair to the sofa, then sofa to my aerobic step used as a go between platform and then finally to the floor. From here I am trying to build strength and technique to get up to the sofa again. We are trying different angles of approach and different hand positions to achieve it. It is very tiring as I am constantly fighting spasms and frustrating as it is such a simple thing to do….able bodied. My biggest downfall is anger, I wind myself up as I cant do it which makes me angry, stupid I know but it is a frustration you can not begin to appreciate until you are in the situation. My physio asked my Wife to try what I was attempting and she was shocked at how hard it was even as an able bodied person trying not to use her legs. To take a short break we looked on “ you tube” to see if there were any postings by other disabled people demonstrating what I was trying to teach myself with my physio help. This of course would be easier if it was being taught in a spinal unit but as mine has neglected to re admit me, we are trying it on our own.

We found some footage of people demonstrating different ways of getting from the floor to chair and we tried some of them. One thing we did try today was me going from the sofa to the floor but with me leaning on the sofa and staying on my knees. Not the most comfortable position but it gave us an opportunity to explore a different way of me getting in to the wheelchair. After a long session of physio, we arranged not only my next session at home, but I will be going to a local hospital, which funnily enough I delivered a very large amount of concrete to when it was being built and I was driving a mixer truck, where we will be putting me in some kind of harness and slowly bearing weight on to my legs. As well as this, we have spoken about my Wife and I meeting my physio at a hydrotherapy pool and my having physio in the pool on occasions. Words can not describe how I feel about finally having this help after the distinct lack I had at the unit and the long fight I had to get help outside the unit. Now though, I have an amazing physio who is keen to help, brilliant!

My Step Brother was occupying his time by doing a spot of modelling, as well as watching my physio session. Both he and my Sister in Law were very interested in what we were doing and had lots of questions when it had finished.Unfortunately I do not have a picture of his little project but I will publish it on my next Blog entry when I do.

So I have had a brilliant day today even if it was very hard work, I am looking at more postings on “you tube” for what I have been trying to do and I am also going to speak to a friend who is also a `wheelie` to see if it is something he can help me with. Meanwhile I will be practicing. To that end I will need to sleep to get some strength back.

Goodnight all.


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