Immensely proud parents.

I’ve not posted for a while as there really has not been too much to write about. My Wife has been helping me with loads of stuff that I am not able to do on my own and of course there is the obvious task of the Christmas shopping for gifts. Now shopping is easy in itself, going in to shops and looking is generally easy. Choosing gifts is as easy as it can be for a bloke with a shit memory and who has never been any good at choosing gifts but carrying the stuff, well that is a whole different ball game and so my Wife has been kind enough to help me, makes a change for me dragging her round the shops! On Wednesday though it was my absolute pleasure to go and watch “Pickle” at her first school nativity play. She was playing the part of an angel (obviously) and because I had no idea how she would react, my Wife and I sat at the back of the hall. This made it really difficult, no, impossible for me to see her perform her singing until her part and time for being on the stage but my Wife took loads of pictures so I did get to see her at least. She was absolutely fine with no tears or upset which was fantastic but was also a bit of a bugger as we had deliberately sat away from the stage area so as not to distract her which with hindsight I would not have done so as to ensure I could see. Sods law of course says that had we sat at the front, she would have not been so good and would have become upset. Her nativity play though was brilliant, with her class doing the acting and the second reception class being the choir. On the Thursday though the roles swapped and so we went to watch, this time sitting right at the front. From the front I was able to video her singing. Her first school nativity play, no tears or upset and two immensley proud parents.

Today the two older ones had school trips out, one shopping and the other bowling while “Pickle” had a PJ day. It was I must admit, more than a little strange collecting her and my Wife this morning for the last day of the school term, and “Pickle” emerging from the house in her “Frozen” PJ’s, dressing gown and slippers but by all accounts she had  a really good day. I had some things to do in Taunton which my Wife helped me with again and is also where I will be again tomorrow (Saturday) when I go with my Brother. The Christmas shopping and preparations are coming to completion (Thank God), the kids are getting excited which is going to increase ten fold on Christmas day I can GUARANTEE it (tell you why later), the freezer is filling up and the bank account is going down but this Christmas is a Christmas that the kids will not forget, it will be one that stays with them for a very long time to come. Tonight I am off out with some friends and my Brother for a `quiet` drink, I have decided that I will drive so it will be soft drinks only for me tonight so I at least remember it! That’s it for now, until next time.

Goodnight all.


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