Low, low, low

Shite! Today started shite at a few minutes before 02.00 requiring me to get up and address the problem that I had been given to entertain me. This took me until a little after 03.30 at which point I decided that I would just get dressed and head to the Sergeants Mess, not much point in trying to go back to sleep when I had to get up at 05.30 anyway. I battled through the spasms and got myself dressed, shorts would be the order of the day as my tracksuit bottoms were on the line drying from yesterdays little sense of humour tester. Time taken to simply put underwear, shorts, and tee shirt on and of course my trainers…..a frickin’ hour, AN HOUR. It was a little before 04.45 after a barrage of swearing which I am surprised didn’t wake the whole street, banging where my spasms were causing me to violently lurch on the bed which is a new thing for me to experience although I wish I hadn’t and resulting in me sweating a ridiculous amount from my head. I was so exhausted by the time I had managed to get dressed that I didn’t have the energy or inclination to try to immediately get in to my chair and roll to the Mess so I stared at the cieling until 06.00 which is when I started to square my room away. I wasn’t sure also if the Mess would be open and so I didn’t want to take the chance on going and having to sit outside until it opened or roll back to my room.

My day didn’t improve. Pain, my internals sending me false messges causing me to panic and look in to getting a ride back to camp. My neck randomly sending me pain which stops me doing whatever I am doing and my shoulders are doing the “pork chop tearing thing” again which is as painful as ever and it feels like the rod in the left side of my back is constantly trying to push through my skin, oh and not forgetting the napalm bomb that has gone off in my right knee. Today I can honestly say I feel lower than a boy racers Saxo. I don’t do feeling like shit very often, and try to put on a face if things are a bit rubbish but I simply have not been able to pull my head out of my ass today. Not a day to be proud of, one that has been out of character for me as I usually manage to put it to the back of the mind, block it out or if needs be blatently blag that all is ok, I wasn’t even that chatty with Helena on site as we sat sieving and looking for small pieces of the mosaic which I am so gutted about as she is such a lovely lady. Not much about the archaeology today I am afraid but the Blog is about me and how I am as well as things I do. It may well serve later if I hit a down or struggle part of my life, as a reference or diary for me to see how I have progressed and that any bad times have been far less than the good.

Don’t forget to check out the Blog of Paul Blinkhorn the pottery specialist, he has been out and about away from our site so to see what he has been up to, copy and paste the link; http://postromanpotteryspecialist.weebly.com/

One feel good and positive thing from today though whilst we were on site. At 13.00hrs which was 11.00hrs UK time, we held our two minutes silence to remember all those who have fallen in conflicts. The nice thing was that our Cypriot friends on site also downed tools and joined us. It really was silent, not even a humming or roar from aircraft in the sky, fixed or rotary wing. We began with the words “Lest we forget” at 13.00hrs Cyprus time and two minutes later we ended our silence with the words of remembrance “We will remember them”.

Goodnight all.


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