What a great day today. Went over with the family to a freinds house who is also in a wheelchair and met a couple of other “wheelies” there too, not to mention the other “walkers” that were there. It was good to talk to them and hear how our experiences have been so different at the places we have been treated at. It really was a bit of an eye opener how chalk and cheese each of us found the spinal unit for one thing in particular. It has certainly put questions in my head about my time in there.

So I was shef at the BBQ, I`ve become a regular chair bound Jaimie Oliver of late, I could always apply to Maccy D’s for a job later on if I get stuck! My mate has a lovely place, he really has got it done nice, one of the first things that wifey commented on was the distinct lack of damaged door linings, this would be down to the fact that they are wheelchair friendly and quite a bit wider than mine at home. Mine are getting wider it would appear, which is down to the occasional knock from me as I go through.

Heard from another friend a minute ago that I met in the spinal unit. He is doing well at his new spinal unit, sounds so happy to be there, really made it sound like he made the right choice changing and that he is progressing well. Maybe the choice is the right one for me also. I didn’t think the decision would be so hard. The physiotherapist I have when I go as an outpatient now is brilliant, as are the care staff, but it’s the help and advice I need from the consultant which is lacking, and I guess that is the biggest part. So much to throw about in my head, as if there is not enough going on in there already.

I have had so many people from school request friend on Facebook since I joined a week ago, it’s nice they are interested. I haven’t requested people as I think that if they are interested they will ask. That sounds a bit arrogant, but the Facebook is mainly about encouraging people to read the Blog, for the reasons I have previously said, therefore, the reason that they are aware of me is probably because they have been told by a friend. It has been quite interesting having a quick look at the photographs of how they look now. Some have changed massively to how I remember them, others we could be at school, it is lovely to see them with their families, the children they have had and the people they are with or who have married. A couple of the older pictures triggered some memories, not actually connected with the picture itself, but the people in it or just random memories of the school.

I even had a picture pop up in a “People you may know” list, who I can remember from PRIMARY school. Good for you George, what’s so great about that, well for me it is complicated. Why can I remember me and two other children, standing in a playground next to the main building where the headmasters office was. It had a big arch top solid door, and to the right of that door was a bit of the building which stuck out only a block or so and there was a drain I think. The thing was, on this day it was windy, the leaves had been blown from the trees and where the wind was hitting this part of the bilding, it was causing a swirling effect which lifted the leaves up and kept them swirling round and round which we found amuzing. A silly little memory, but the children I was with I remember. One I saw in Ilminster when the Olympic torch came through, the other, who lived on the corner of the road with a telephone box, just down from where I lived. I haven’t seen him for so long but when I saw his picture, before I had read his name I knew who he was, and that was the first memory that came in to my head. The point is, that I lost the week before my accident, my accident and the eight weeks I spent at Frenchay, I forget conversations I have had and things I say I will do and yet I can remember this from before the age of nine. So now there is something else in my head wondering why and also desperately trying to remember the day I lost the ability to walk.

A friend request I had last night was from a young lady who was in my T.A unit. She did a tour of Afghanistan and it would appear met a United States Marine and it looks like she has moved over to the States. I am so pleased for her if this the case, a really lovely girl who deserves the best. It was good to know she is doing well and was interested in being able to message over the interweb.

Well, I was trying to think of something to end on that I hoped would make you think about it and try to maybe relate to it or just try to imagine what it would be like. The sad thing is that I really couldn’t. So I just want to encourage you to take an hour of your evening soon to get on your computermebob or smartphone, or even get out old photo’s of your school and classmates and see what memories pop in to your head. You won’t have to try to find them, they will just occur. They may make you smile, laugh frown or cry, but the important thing is that they will be there. You never know, you may even try to find the person it relates to or if you already stay in touch, pick up the phone and see if they remember, because if they don’t, you can guarantee they will have a memory that they will want to share with you just to see if you remember. Memories, like friends are an important part of your life, you don’t think you need them but if either of them go it will leave a blank gap that you will find hard to get back.

Goodnight all.


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