Well, what an eventful night in our happy home last night. I had finished writing the Blog and decided to watch a couple of episodes of NCIS, (did I mention I love that programme?), when I heard someone walking around the kitchen. I wheeled in, (after pausing NCIS!), and found my eldest daughter looking in the cupboards. “Bit late for a midnight snack ain’t it love?”, she did not look very amused so I asked her if she was ok. “I feel really sick Dad”, oh brilliant, so I told her to go and get a bowl from my room.

I reckon it can only have been forty minutes later before the horrible sound of my daughter being more than a little ill knocked on my eardrums, bless her, she had managed to get out of her room because she was worried about her carpet, but did not manage to get to the bathroom. My poor wife, up she gets, I was quarantined in the front room whilst the clean up operation began. I can not afford to get sick, it is difficult enough to deal with being ill when you are able bodied, at least you can run to the bathroom, so, I was told to stay in the front room….so I carried on with NCIS. I’m not selfish, quite the opposite, if I finished the episode then I would go to bed and she wouldn’t have to get up again. So finally, just before two o ‘clock this morning, we all got to bed.

Had to go and have blood taken today, it still makes me smile when they ask if I have a problem with needles or my blood being taken. It’s the same when I have to go for the little operations to remove metal from my arms. “Are you worried at all about having operations?”, I think it may be a little late if I am. Anyway, the nurse found the vein and got the blood really quickly, and so off I went until the next time. I’m starting a new medicine for my spasms, in the hope that they may at least be more manageable or hopefully stop. Unfortunately there is a risk that it could cause liver damage so the blood taken today is to get a sample of how my liver is now and then in a while I will have another to compare. So I reckon that the medicine will be brilliant but i won’t be able to keep using it as it will be messing with my liver. Just a prediction, let’s see how it pans out.

It is an unfortunate fact that since my accident I have way too much time on my hands. Time that I have been putting to good use in my accident case. I have read, disected, analysed and commented on all of the witness statements one by one, and the Police investigation report and I’ve gone over and over them time and time again. Every day the statements play out over and over in my head, and then I start going over and over them again and again in my head. Then I`ll sometimes go and get the file out and the pictures and pull it all apart again and again, and looking at it from an unbiast point of view, and sometimes a prosecution point of view I still can’t see why the insurance company are causing me such grief. It has become very clear to me that insurance companies have no rules. So, tonight I wrote to an MP, I have explained that my family and I have lost our home and that I still have what’s left of my motorcycle and all of the clothing here, my family having to see the bike every single day but more importantly the lack of communication from the insurance company. I pointed out that the LAW states that you must have insurance for a vehicle but that there is no law to protect injured parties like myself from the ignorance of insurance companies. This needs to be changed, insurance companies need to know that there will be penalties if they simply do nothing. Again, we shall see what happens even though I think I know what that will be.

Just got off the phone to the guy who is sorting my website for donations, I have a lot to do but I have a good feeling about this now, I am really looking forward to getting this on line now. I just hope that I can get a good amount of sponsorship/donations both for SSAFA and the off road chair fund. The jump date is only 19 days away now, 19 days! Am I excited? Yes, should be a great view if I can keep my eyes open! Am I scared? Ask me when we are perched on the edge of the plane.

Well, I’ve got to go and do some research on getting my Blog to come up on the search engines to try to maximise the chance of raising as much money for charity as I can so I will say goodnight, and hope that you will read tomorrow. I hope also that you may find some of what I write interesting and invite others that you know to read. Thanks for the time you have spent reading this, and I look forward to inviting you to my new website soon.


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