No st-roll today.

The weather has been rubbish today. Whilst it has not been hammering down with rain, it has been persistently drizzly and cold all day. I called Alison to see what she was up to and invited her round for a coffee. `Pickle` was at nursery, my eldest Daughter was at her friends house where she stayed last night, my Wife was out at a Doctors appointment and so it was just my Son and I. My Son was playing in his room and I had been sorting bits out. Alison came over for a coffee and we chatted about lots of bits and bobs and we decided that it was not worth us going out to Ilminster and risk me in the cold and wet, to that end our `st-roll` did not happen.

My Wife popped in and then collected `Pickle`, my eldest Daughter and her friend and came back to the bungalow, my Daughter’s  friend will stay with us for a couple of days now. We try to do this as we obviously had to move out of Ilminster and so during the holidays we have her friend to stay over, it is not the kids fault that we had to move and whilst for my Son and `Pickle` it is really irrelevant, for my Daughter it is important for her to have the more social, friendship interaction. I arranged for my Mother in Law to pick up a gift for my Daughter while she was out shopping, I had managed to reserve it on line which  had come as a surprise as they had constantly been out of stock, this time though we were in luck. My Brother had purchased one for me in Taunton but I would not be able to get it from him until tomorrow or Friday and I really wanted for my Daughter to have her gift today.

Paula came today to massage my legs. I have gone from twice a week, to once a week to once a month now as I am able to get in to my jet bath, which I bought and had installed to be able to relax the muscles as I wanted. I still have Paula visit though as she gives a deep muscle massage which keeps on top of everything. I recommend her to you without question or hesitation. Check out my links page for her details and if you are local, give her a ring. While Paula was giving my massage, my Mother in Law arrived and gave my Wife the gift for my Daughter. She in turn brought it in to me and we called my Daughter in. I gave her the gift that we had brought for her and she looked confused, she did not know what it was. Then she looked closer and was really pleased. I had got her a years subscription for her games console which now means that she can play on line against her friend, the friend who was staying with us for a couple of nights, also it meant that I could play against her and that we, that being Darren, my Brother Chris, myself and my Daughter will all be able to play together. While you may think that this is a rubbish gift, it will mean that my Daughter will not only be able to play games against her friend, but they can talk via headsets as well, which will mean that they will not be wasting their telephone credit.

Darren came round to set it up for her which was funny. I had told her that if she was in any doubt of how to do it, not to mess it up but instead we would give Darren a call or I would look at it. No messing with her though, she called Darren and asked him if he would come round, we only knew when he walked through the front door. Paula finished her massage and we booked the next appointment, it was nice to catch up with what she had been up to and also good to know that her massage business is doing well, something which I hope to be able to assist in by way of advertising her on my links page.

So that has been it really. The two youngest are in bed, my Daughter and her friend are making alot of noise playing a game on her console, my Wife is enjoying a nice relaxing bath which is well deserved and i am writing my Blog with the television playing….NCIS! Not much to report really but I like to not leave it too long between Blog entries as I forget what has been going on. I had quite a few messages via Mobile text and Facebook with regards to the last entry. Some people were concerned about my marriage, my Wife and my kids. Some were concerned about me, some were moved and described it as powerful and a couple told me that talking to a counsellor was a good idea. I am glad that people comment on the Blog entries, it means that I have caused people to think or have given them something to relate to, for those who do comment I thank you and encourage others to do the same. To end today I missed something really important that happened on Tuesday evening at TA. Someone got promoted, their first promotion which I do not think will be his last. I am so very proud of him because he was injured on his first promotion course, he has worked really hard to get fit again and now finally is able reep the reward, well Done Andy.

And now it is really time for me to go, NCIS episode has finished, I can’t get to my model to continue with that at the moment while we have a clear up and throwing out session and so I think I will see about a quick on line game.

Goodnight all.


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