I’ve started going to the gym in Chard, Phoenix Fitness. I went a couple of weeks ago to meet with the owner and head trainer Simon. My Wife has been seeing a Chiropractor as she has developed serious problems with her back and neck which is a result of looking after me since my accident in 2011. Her Chiropractor got in touch with Simon to ask if he may be able to accomodate me in my wheelchair at the gym and to see if there was anything he thought he may be able to help me with. I have never been someone with, shall we say, a large belly. That however has changed since I gave up running and if I am honest I am really pretty pissed about it. I have tried eating very little, three meals a day, one or two meals a day. Snacks or not. Stopped coffee as I am not a fan of it without sugar and it has not helped. I would propell myself in my manual chair to Ilminster using the cycle path in the hope of building muscle and strength in my arms and slimming my belly down through the exercise however that did not go according to plan. It put too much strain on my wrists which would leave me having to use my power chair for a few days afterwards, I got punctures due to thorns and worst of all I got my hands and wheels covered in horse shit as someone in the local bright ideas club decided to open the cycle path up to horse riders who are not overly concerned about where their horses take a shit and are obviously not going to kick it in to the grass verges as that would be far too considerate to other path users. So as a result it is not something I have done or have been able to continue with. Simon has got me using a motomed bike for my arms, some weights for my arms and general fitness and some elastics for more fitness. They have got me in a “Rehab” phase for the time being and so slowly they hope to increase the weight but for the time being we are starting on lower weights so as not to risk the wrsits. It’s quite hard work if I am truthful and a little embarrassing with the weight I am lifting but they are working with me on a “rehab” phase which due tot he distinct lack of rehab that I have recieved is a really good place to start.

I am really looking forward to next week as it will be when I attempt the first of the three highest peaks in the UK in my Overlander. The extra batteries have been fitted by Terrain Hopper and it has been fully serviced, all I need to do is go out for a test ride which I sadly and annoyingly have been unable to do until now. Again, I am trying to raise money for some of the charities that have helped me since my accident as I want to give as much back as I can by way of sponsor money/donations so that they may help others in need. If you are able to spare some money then please help me by donating on my page I have not set a target as I simply want to raise as much as I am able. After Snowdon I am intending to attempt Ben Nevis and Scarfell Pike in the summer holidays. I am really hoping that it will go well not just for the experience and photo opportunies of the views but also to show how the Overlander allows me to enjoy the outdoor areas that I simply would not be able to enjoy otherwise.

I know that there is always someone or an organisation that is asking for you to part with money but please help me to raise as much as I can for these charities. There are many injured and needy personnel and veterans that these charities need to help, and I can state that the help that they have given me has been invaluable, so PLEASE try. If each person who reads this or knows me were to donate a single pound it would be a fantastic amount, more than a pound would be incredible. Thank you in advance.

Good afternoon all.


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