Relaxing Sunday.

I hope your Sunday went well today, we went for a family meal, treated to by my Mother in Law. We went to a pub that certainly I had never been to before but had driven past on many occasions, it was a pub called the Blue Ball at Sidford. We had called ahead to find out if they would be able to cater for 6 walkers and 1 wheelie to which they did inform us that the only way would be to put us in the function room. The function room was a little chilly as it was obviously not in use but the actual room was beautiful. There were lots of photo’s on the wall of a carnival club who base themselves at the pub. We also looked through three photo albums which contained images of a fire which burned the pub down to an extent that it had to be knocked down and rebuilt, the photo albums documented this. The pictures were incredible and showed just how bad the structure was. The food was served in no time at all, and was a roast to be proud of, really nice. This was definitely somewhere I would recommend and use again in the future.

From here we decided to go for a walk along the sea front at Seaton. It was a little cold, granted, but with thick winter coats it shouldn’t be too bad for an hour or so and we had also bought Duke along, our Golden Retriever so he could go for a nice run along the beach. When we arrived at Seaton, almost from no where it started to rain. This was not just a couple of spits either, it rained. Not to allow mother nature to mess our Sunday afternoon walk up, we pulled the umbrellas out of the vehicles and carried on. Thankfully the rain did not last very long and although the temperature stayed pretty fresh we had a good hour walking along the sea front and back with the kids, the dog and my Brother in Law playing along by the water edge resulting in Duke and my Brother in Law getting quite wet. I do wonder sometimes who is the biggest kid, and anyone who knows us will know exactly what I’m talking about.

After walking along the front we decided to take a walk in to town and see what shops were open being prepared for none to be open as it is obviously out of season now. There were a couple of shops that were open and so we spent some time looking round before heading off to do the obvious thing you do at the beach, and despite the cold temperature, we went to a kiosk and got ourselves an ice cream. We ate our ice creams on the walk back to the Chucklebus, and as soon as I was strapped in, and the bus was loaded, we wacked the heaters up full and drove back to the bungalow having had a really pleasant afternoon.

So today was a relaxing day before the week of inevitable mayhem now that the kids are on holiday from school. Tomorrow however is the trip back to Salisbury Hospital for what I believe is an eye appointment this time. My eye specialists are both really good actually and are always pleased with the progress my eyes are making. I am looking forward to seeing the difference since the last time I was there. The fact that I have not had to wear my glasses for a while is definitely encouraging and so with any luck the test on the chart will be just as encouraging.

And so now, having had a really long soak in the bath and using the massage jets for half an hour, I am sat writing the blog while wifey is catching up with her Coronation Street. I feel an incredibly crap storyline coming along though. Some girl has been smacked by a car and she has an SCI or Spinal Cord Injury. The fact that a soap is looking to highlight SCI’s to their viewers is good, but I can’t see that they are going to let the girls acting career on the soap go on for very long in a wheelchair so I anticipate a miracle cure in the not too distant future, which will merely, I suspect, piss an awful lot of para and tetraplegics off. We shall see. Anyway, I hope that you had a good day and that you are all prepared for the next week with the kids at home, so good luck everybody and….

Goodnight all.


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