I had a call this evening to say that we were going to see the new Bond movie, Skyfall, from a friend who had spoken about it a few weeks ago. I was supposed to arrange and and call but my usual forgetfulness meant that it did not happen, finally my friend sorted it and thus tonight we went.

We arrived at the cinema to find the car park full, that’s ok, there should be some disabled spaces. There were, all taken with only two blue badges on display from all of the spaces. So, edumacation time; Please, unless you have a blue badge, do not park in the disabled bays as it poses big parking problems for vehicles such as mine that require room for the lift. If you wish to park in the said spaces, please feel free to have an accident or contract an illness to render you disabled, and then you will be able to get a blue badge and park. Thank you.

So we went to another car park and found a space, a disabled space. We were fortunate enough to be able to get in to the space as an extremely untalented brainless moron driving a large 4×4 vehicle had decided to utilise not just one but two of the spaces for him and his hillbilly family to eat their takeaway, despite there being ample spaces for them to have parked in. Had he been a good enough driver, he would have been able to park in one space, but unfortunately he was a shite driver and simply drove across the spaces parking sideways instead of longways, and people wonder why their vehicles get damaged in car parks!

So we made our way over to the cinema which was only a short “walk” away. The temperature was approximately 1 degree centigrade, COLD, I am thinking that winter is very nearly upon us. We went in to the cinema and then made our way to our seat and parking area. The disabled area is unfortunately right at the front. In a cinema chair you can slouch and rest your head but in the wheelchair, despite me tilting the seat back and adjusting the backrest, I found that by the time the adverts had finished, ALL 30 BLOODY MINUTES OF THEM, I had to look down, roll my head to loosen my neck and then look up again. That said though, it was a good area to be in.

Finally then, the 12A sign came up and went away then the film Started. I am not a film critic, nor am I one to spoil a film so I am not going to give it away for those who have not seen it. It was a Bond film in the true sense of the title. It has followed the basic content of the other Bond films, car chases, explosions, thrill and spills, some fights, some women, a main bad guy and his friends or employees, and a story which I found quite clever. I kept guessing what Skyfall, the title, was. I found out and then there was an unexpected outcome. In short really really enjoyed it and would recommend that if you like the bond films, you should go and see it. Who would have thought it was 50 years ago that he first graced our screens, all I can say is, he is pretty active for his age!

It was minus 2 degrees when we eventually got back to the Chucklebus. My friend strapped me in, and we started the drive back to the bungalow. I am sooooo glad the heater in the bus works, it was baltic. It is difficult for me now to deal with the cold. I can’t seem to warm up like I used to. It is difficult for me to accept, having thought nothing about jumping in to my issue sleeping bag with the waterproof bivi bag outer and if it did not look like rain or snow, sleeping under the stars on frosty nights or very very early mornings at a lot colder that minus 2 on Salisbury plain. You could not beat the issue `bouncing bomb` for warmth, trust me.

Anyway, we arrived back at my bungalow, my friend got me unstrapped and wifey came out to join us and help get me out. We had a quick chat while getting me out and locking the Chucklebus up, agreed it was bloody freezing and parted company. I for one could not wait to get in to my bed under my duvet…cold….God I’ve changed.

Before I say goodnight, I wish to apologise for not writing a blog entry yesterday. I have been having some bad spasms over the last few days which tends to send my laptopamabob across the bed. Fortunately it has not met the floor yet but I fear it may only be a matter of time. To add to this, my left arm had been quite painful at times and last night was at the point where I just needed to sleep and therefore would not know if it was hurting. I try to sleep to avoid pain when it appears so please accept my apology.

There is still time to donate to the webpage that I set up for the skydive so please, if you haven’t already, visit and donate. It is a very worthwhile cause.




Goodnight all.


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