T.A Night

I got myself in a proper mess this morning trying to get myself on to the edge of the bed ready to get in to my chair. My accupuncture appointment went well again, and we had a pretty normal, unrandom conversation. That can only mean that Friday will be as random as it comes. Matbe we will just put Jeremy Kyle on and diagnose and probably take the mickey out of that. Who knows?? Once Maralyn had left, I washed and got my self dressed. I have been trying to get myself up in to the sitting position from lying down flat. Now this is a piece of cake when you have stomach muscles you can call upon for help, but is not quite so easy when they are about as much use as tits on a fish. Anyway, when I have something in my head, I have to keep going until it either goes from my head, I succeed in doing it or I fail badly. To that end, I tried this morning to achieve the sitting up goal. I was rolling left and right, trying to push up with my elbows, then try to use my hands mixed with a roll then a flick with the elbows and a flick type roll and….I somehow got my left leg thrown over on top of my right leg and it was trying to over balance the lower half of my body which as a result meant that I was starting to slide off of the bed on to the floor. No matter how hard I tried I could not get enough strength in to the right part of my arms or wherever in the hell I needed it to pick my leg up and correct the situation, result…“OH WIFEY, could I possibly if it is not too much trouble, and you are not otherwise occupied with other taskings at this moment in time, get some help as I appear to have made a colossal cock up of getting up….please.” She came down the hallway and walked in to our room to find what I could only possibly imagine looked like road kill on a bed. She briefly asked what it was I thought I was doing and then helped to untangle my legs. A little help and I was up and I transferred in to my power chair as I was off up to the town to get the paint for my Liberator bomber model.

I had a cup of tea, took the morning medicine and found out the color that I was going to collect then set off on my way to the shop. I thought ahead today and took the large umbrella from by the front door as it looked a little dark and a possibility of the wet stuff certainly looked likely. Having got soaked the last time, decided to take the sensible option and so the umbrella came with me. I had only travelled just past B&Q when the wheelchair started to make the noise like bearings were rubbing, this in turn slowed the left side of the wheelchair right down and a very short space later the whole thing just stopped. Brilliant. I waited only 30 seconds and tried again. It did this around four times but then on the fifth go, acted as if nothing was wrong and behaved all the way in to town. Mental note, call Pluss when I get home and ask if they would come and look at it for me as it is not even six months old. It is a fabulous chair, it even handles being off the pavements pretty well but it did not like something and so, it is far better to get it looked at.

On the way to the shop, I bumped in to someone I hadn’t seen for a while, she had been involved in a pretty serious accident a good few years ago, was pretty badly hurt and we were discussing insurance companies and how deep down, even the other parties don’t really give a toss about anything but their no claims bonus, even though, if they don’t claim the insurance will still go up. They are an entity that seems to be bound by no law. We talked for quite a while which was nice until finally, we both had errands to run and we parted company.

I continued to the craft shop at the top of the town and told the lady the number of the color I wished to buy. They did indeed have it, so I gave the money to pay for it, pocketed my change and drove off in my wheelchair, which was now behaving itself, heading back down through the town. I remember seeing on a poster that the Lidl store were having some things in until they were all sold out, one of the things I remember was a battery charger, this would be ideal for charging the two vehicle batteries for my youngest Daughters ride on jeep. I popped in to the shop and by chance they had some left. More than I thought they would have that is for sure, so I picked one up and headed for the checkout. It was while I was on my way down the isle that I noticed a microscope. It had a good magnification on it and it could also be hooked up to the computer. I did not buy one as it would be a bugger to bring home but I have the intention of popping in tomorrow and having a better look if there are any left. It will be good for the kids as a learning instrument but also may be good enough to find out any infections or parasites if the fish get ill. Double wammey!

So I got back to the bungalow with no further problems and before it left my mind, I called Pluss to book an engineer to call. The rest of the day went along with very little happening until around 18.30hrs when my mate came over to take me to the TA. I am going in as much as I can as a social event for me more than anything. I am yet to find out what my role will be, if any or if I have to leave the TA, but it keeps me in the loop so to speak, more than that, it allows me to spend time with my soldier mates. Important to me, the TA, Remembrance is just around the corner, and tonight I was measured for the new uniform in the hope that I will be able to get it before the parade. It’s a bit bigger than my old uniform, still, they could always cut some arm holes in a 9×9, (tent).

Various things were going on tonight, weapons training was a big one. I have a friend in the TA who we have always called “Oozie”, this was because he had an eye that looked a different way to the other, therefore “Oozie”, as in “Oozie lookin’ at?” Now, this guy is believe it or not, and has been for as long as I can remember, one of the top shots in the Battalion. Some of the firing positions he can get in to are incredible, he is like a piece of elastic. A very knowledgeable firer who can really impart some skills and tips to people, and they got some brilliant tuition tonight. Despite him having his eye put right, his nickname stays, a hell of a bloke who, if you are going for a pint with, is a really good laugh.

After all of the training was done, the guys carried me up the stairs to the bar area where we had a coke and chatted. More of the guys sponsored my jump/fall for this Saturday which helped add to the total and eventually it was just the “adults” left. I refer to the Serjeants and above as “adults”, always have, always will despite me being one myself. The time came when the the conversation petered out and it was time to leave, so I was carried back down the stairs and to the ramp of my waiting Chucklebus. Once in, and strapped in place securely, my mate who had driven me in, drove me back home. It means  lot ot me that he drives me in, until I can drive myself, it is the only way I get to still be a part of my unit and catch up with my buddies. Next week won’t be happening though, Monday is metal out of my arm day! Pretty sure I won’t feel like doing much on Tuesday, there is also a possibility that I will be in no fit state to write my Blog on Monday night and possibly Tuesday night so this is a heads up for that.

Well, thats about it for tonight. I have had a good night with friends and some squaddie conversation which is alway good. I have heard about their weekend and future events. Now though, I’m tired, so all that is left for me to say is…

Goodnight all.


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