The `Picklemobile`

Acupuncture on Friday morning first thing with Maralyn. She had loads to tell me, some really exciting news which she shared with me which led to us chatting about it for the entire time she was here. I am so pleased that things are going well for her and can’t wait to share her new project, a project which I am going to have a small part in to start with. Alison came over mid morning to help me fill out some forms that I needed to do, we had a cuppa and a bit of a chat before heading out for our `st-roll`, we were unable to to it on Wednesday as she had to work which is going to be a similar story for a few weeks I believe. To that end though, we headed over to Ilminster on the cycle path to meet up with Steve who was meeting Alison and Jack before they headed out for the day, and my Wife and `Pickle` who would have just finished nursery when we arrived at the Stonemasons. The weather was really quite nice for a change and really warmed up on the way, needless to say, I had worked up quite a sweat from my head by the time we got there. A quick chat with Steve and then we headed off in our respective directions. I managed to 98% finish the `Picklemobile` in the afternoon. There are a couple of minor things left to do until I am 100% happy but it was at last at a stage that I would be able to get it reassembled which has taken longer than I had hoped due to the rubbish weather. I sent a text to Darren to see if he would be able to call round for an hour to help me put it back together, it is not something I could do on my own as some of it required the jeep lifting and also being able to crouch down. He came round after work and had the `Picklemobile` back together in around half an hour. Then it was time to show `Pickle` and see what she thought, I am happy to say that she was chuffed to bits with it. Photo: The "Picklemobile"! I am quite pleased so far with it, it is a far cry from the green and beige it was a week or so ago.

Martin, a friend who I used to work with when we were driving mixer trucks came over on Saturday which was great, we had not spoken for a good couple of months and so we had loads to catch up on. We called our ex boss to see if he was going to be in so we could both pop over and have a coffee and a catch up with him. I had not seen him since before my accident, (that I could remember), but he had come to see me in Frenchay intensive care unit. I had insisted for some unknown reason that my Wife tell him about the accident and where I was. I can only assume that I must have thought I still worked for him, I could not remember him visiting me as I said, but then I don’t remember any of the eight weeks I was there so it is no surprise really. He told us that he would be in a little later and so we sorted out that Martin and I would go over to see him. It was good to see him and talk about what he has been up to, he was just as curious as to what I had been up to and how things were going. I’m not going to leave it so long next time and we have already spoken about a BBQ at our place so he can see the bungalow, just hope the weather is kind through the summer this year!

Today I decided to put the Sea Vixen back in the box, I am going to end up rushing it and it ending up looking crap if I carry on. I have had a couple of mishaps with it while trying to paint it and it is now time for the model to be left alone before the interest level drops through the floor and me not be interested in what the finish is. So today I started the 1:24 Spitfire that my Wife and kids gave me for Christmas. I have been waiting to start it for a little while but I wanted to wait until such time that I felt confident in doing a really good job of it. Because of the scale the detail is much more than on the 1:72 and 1:48 scale models which means the pilot for instance is more detailed. To give you an idea, today I had to paint and BUILD the engine of the Spitfire. This was quite hard as the pipework needed to be painted a different colour to the main engine block. I will get some pictures and put them on the Blog so you can see the progress, I really just hope that it turns out how I hope and that it does not look too amateurish. I appreciate I am still new to the model building but I feel that if I don’t rush it and really take my time, I should get the result I want.

So not too much going on with me really, I am going to send an e mail in a moment to chase up if there has been any progress of permission for my next `challenge` which I hope to do in October. I have spoken to some people about a couple of other `challenges` that I would like to try. It would take some organising and would require some support but everything starts with an idea and then you need to try to build on it from there. I hope that all is well with you and that you have been making the most of the sun, enjoy your week.

Goodnight all.


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