The sun is out.

It was on the Saturday of the skiing trip that I took an unfortunate tumble in the Dualski on the slopes of a fantastic mountain ski slope surrounded by snow covered mountain tops. Views that I would not have been able to see or experience again had I not been fortunate enough to have been chosen for the expedition by Battle Back. This would be the one of the last things that I would be able to do and my discharge date had been pushed right to allow me to go as I had to be serving to be eligable. Ash and my PSAO had clearly done everything that they could to allow me to go and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Following my tumble it was decided that it would be best for me not to partake in any more of the skiing which would mean that my ribs would have a chance to settle before my flying home. Ben, one of the staff and instructors flew back with me to assist in transfers and the like which was good, it was nice knowing that I had someone I could trust that I could call upon should the need arise. So it is now over two weeks since the tumble and I am suddenly realising how utterly useless I am. I have always been worried about my left wrist, if it should pack up (as it does at times) and not heal, how would I be able to do the everyday things like dressing etc. When the wrist does play up I am rendered unable to do many things such as transfer but the rib has left me completely reliant on help from others, unfortunately the brunt of this has had to fall on my Wife and this is really not acceptable. The vows you take on marriage for many are just words but not her. “In sickness and in health” has it’s limits and I don’t think that she should be my carer. Help now and again is fine such as picking things up and making a bed but washing, dressing and other things should not be for her to have to do. There should be a Wife/partner and then a carer.

I hope that the rib will heal quickly and that I will be able to do more for myself. Having to rely on my Wife to help me wash and dress is not something that I want to continue. She is having to see a back and neck specialist at the moment as the time since my accident that she has had to help me has finally taken it’s toll. This is not something that I am happy about and can’t help knowing that it was completely down to my inability to do basic things for myself meaning that she had to roll me over and move me about the bed to dress me, to wash me and to get me out of bed and in to my chair. For having to push me around in my chair because I was unable to even do that. To help me up and down curbs and in and out of vehicles. None of these things should she have been expected to do but having been so let down by the “consultant” and physio at the first “spinal unit” that I was sent to and having to fight for so long to prove that I was not the one to blame for the RTC have meant that I have not had the support that has been required. It is no comfort at all knowing that once compensation is decided I will be able to get the help I need as the damage to my Wife is already done.

The sun is out, the weather is brightening and according to the forecast the temperature is set to rise steadily. This will be closely followed by those who save themselves for the brighter weather riding to go and give the motorcycle the post winter bed time bath and polish and get out on the roads. Amongst the riders will be those who are ignorant who cut up cars, force their way through traffic and bully drivers in to moving over by sitting 2 inches from the rear quarter of the car. It is these riders who give motorcyclists a shitty name and cause all kinds of problems, including the one that I had to fight in so much as proving that an accident is not your fault. On the flip side there will be those who will ride not necessarily to the speed limit but will be courtiess and simply enjoy not being stuck inside a car and enjoying the freedom of a bike. Whichever of these riders you encouter I would please ask of you this. Be aware of the fact that there will be riders who will catch you by surprise, maybe they will be riding fast outside of the line of traffic, maybe you will be waiting to turn in to a road but please before you pull out to overtake somethng CHECK YOUR SIDE MIRROR. When turning from the road to another or in to a gargae or driveway DON’T ASSUME THE ONCOMING BIKE IS DOING THE SPEED LIMIT. When waiting to emerge on to a road LOOK TWICE BEFORE PULLING OUT. There are many other things I could write but it would be pointless. When you are out driving please remember that the rider, irrespective of how much of a prick they may be, is a human with families and friends. NOT ALL RIDERS ARE THE SAME and NONE OF THEM deserve to end up like me.

The woman who pulled out in front of me not only caused my paraplegia and other injuries but has indirectly caused major problems to my Wife’s back and neck which will now be long term and will cause her problems for the rest of her life. This is because she has had to care for me. Unfair to say?

Stay safe everyone.


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