Watch the series, play the game.

So not everyday in your life does something happen. There are lots of days that go by with nothing of any real consequence happening at all. This does not make for very interesting reading but the truth of the matter is, nothing really happened today. Lets run through it.

Woke up this morning and carried out the normal routine of washing and dressing. Went in to the front room and had a coffee with my Step Brother, then we decided to go for a “walk” up town. We talked about this and that on the way up, looked in a couple of shops and then stopped off at Blockbuster. We spent quite a lot of time looking at stuff and, because my son has been so helpful at home recently I thought I would buy him a game. He had been looking at the games and I noticed him going back to one game in particular, but at no point did he bring it to my attention or ask me if he could have it. The look on his face was priceless when I gave him the game when we got home, a game which cost so little gave a smile and excitement that was so lovely to see.

We got back to the bungalow where my Brother was having a drink and chat with my wife. We had a coffee and then packed up my Step Brother and his kids overnight bags and loaded us all in to the van. Then we set off for Ferndown again. Once we got there we pretty much just unloaded the bags, Step Brother and my Nieces, said goodbye and got straight back on the road back to my place.

My Mother in Law cooked a roast tea for us tonight which as usual was lovely. We had a couple of glasses of wine with the meal and a coffee with desert but after the dishes were done it was back to the bungalow and put the kids to bed. So you see, nothing to report. Nothing interesting seen on the way up or back from Ferndown, nothing interesting up town, therefore a pretty dull day. Two really good things today though…

1. My back is so much more comfortable. It’s less than perfect, but it is better and…..

2. I treated myself to something too….

Unfortunately, if I play this before everyone is in bed, I am likely to be about as popular as a fart in a lift, and I am really looking forward to playing it, but I am so tired today for some reason, (likely to be the Tramadol I am taking for my back pain), I’m gonna have to wait until tomorrow, damn! It was quite funny though when I showed my wife, she just shook her head and laughed, followed by the words, “You are unbelievable!” She loves me really. She just doesn’t share my love of NCIS, (I think I’ve mentioned I love that programme).

I have a busy day tomorrow, so there should be some things to tell you, but until then, thanks for your time, because it does mean a lot to me that you read this Blog.

Until tomorrow, sleep tight and goodnight all.



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