Yesterday was one of the best experiences of my life, until I arrived home and saw the news. The news that two gutless, cowardly misguided idiots decided to attack an innocent and unarmed young father. A young father who was attacked because his employment of choice was to wear a uniform and protect and serve his Queen, her heirs, the people of his country and the land in which he lived. I struggle to understand why the public would stand and film the cowardly act rather than help, and why the press repeatedly show the video I am referring to, giving the cowards the publicity they crave so much. By naming and displaying these obscene oxygen thieves ranting their misguided words that will ignite the spark in another wannabe martyr, an idea will pop in to his or her mind and escalate, escalate to a point of what is for them no return and another atrocity will occur. Lives, innocent lives will be lost and affected for what they will declare is the will of Islam. The civilised world will shake their heads, the racists will spread hate, the various parties who are `profoundly English` will try to convince all that the votes need to go to them to stop it. Muslims will be verbally attacked despite a large majority disagreeing with the act of violence and the press will concentrate on the only things that concern them, sales and viewing figures. They will portray and promote those responsible to be `martyrs` and the circle will be complete, and then it will start all over again.

It has been said that the attacks on and in this country have been because our troops have been killing in the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan, that our troops should be pulled out and it will stop but will it, really? As far as I am aware this all started with the twin towers, an attack not on America but the World Trade Centre, the clue is in the title, WORLD TRADE CENTRE. When this attack happened the first strike was to gain the attention of the world, cue the media, suddenly all of the worlds media was filming it giving the terrorists the stage they wanted, and then the second strike was televised to the whole world. For days afterwards it was played and replayed and so the unknown people who had hijacked the aircraft went from nobodies to people with names, and then faces and the `martyrs` are born, the seed is then planted in many others who plan more attacks and so on and so forth. If the victims are named as a mark of respect, if the families are happy for their loved ones to be named and those responsible are left unmentioned it may help to deter people from doing it. It would get worse before better but if we were strong, and supported each other as a country, all religions, colours and creeds condemned the atrocities it would surely have a positive affect and maybe beat the terrorists.

I have read on the social websites, people saying about collectively wearing their H4H hoodies as a mark of respect for the fallen soldier and as a mark of defiance as he was proudly wearing his. I have read about serving and ex service personnel wearing their medals for a day. I would love to see, on the day and time of this young heroes funeral, all ex and as many serving personnel from all of the services as are able, to don their berets and medals and congregate at their local churches or relevant places of worship. For the civilian population to join those who have and are serving and surround the places of worship, standing together in defiance, a true show of strength to the terrorists, to the world that no matter where you have come to Britain from, your colour, creed, religion does not matter if you are willing to be as one with the British and state that it is not the way of the Muslims to blow themselves up, take innocent lives and spread hate. Until the Muslim community show the British people that they are against these atrocities then I fear all will escalate out of control. My thoughts are with the spirit of the young soldier and his family. I hope they are given the privacy they need and deserve to take in what has happened and that when they lay the body of their loved one to rest, they are left to grieve. I, as have my fellow service personnel, served alongside Muslims who wear the same Union Flag on their arm as we did. No doubt this fallen soldier was or had been serving with Muslims also, none of them wished harm on any of us so it can not be the religion, just those who choose to use it as an excuse for violence.

Rest In Peace brother soldier, another taken before his time.

What I was doing when this tragedy happened seems so insignificant now, to that end I am going to write about it tomorrow. I hope you understand. Stand tall Britain, don’t bow to the cowardly acts of violence by starting riots and destroying or defacing places of other worship, this just fuels the fires. Instead, hope that the Muslim community has the strength to stand up and be counted by publicly showing that this is not their way. If they choose not to, then thoughts must go with the assumption that random acts of violence is the way of Islam and I for one do not want to think of the consequences of that.

Before you sleep tonight can I ask you to be silent for one minute as a sign of respect, say a short prayer for this brave young man if you can and of course for his loved ones and those who loved him. I have pasted a photo from a web page set up to respect him, now that I have finished writing, look at his picture and spend one minute of your time thinking of him. Thank you.

Goodnight all.

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RIP Drummer Lee Rigby


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