A good `walk`.

Had a legal appointment yesterday which lasted over two hours, it was quite involved and as a result I have more paperwork to square away in readiness for another meeting in February in which I hope we will actually have some progression. I knew things would not be quick but it is borderline ridiculous. It is not my legal team either. I actually wrote to my local MP, I said that the Government made it law that any motor vehicle must have a minimum of third party insurance to protect person or property from damage or injury in the event of an incident. There is however nothing in place to protect injured parties from being buggered about by the insurance companies to stop them from simply ignoring the injured party. To that end, what right does the Government or law have to insist that people ensure that they have insurance. Bottom line, tough shit people, deal with the fact that you will always be screwed over by insurance companies. Your insurance premium will always continue to rise even if you do earn an extra years no claims bonus because that is the natural increase with inflation and peoples pay rises or some other bollocks excuse that they will give.

After my meeting I met up with my Wife, Darren and Tabatha and not forgetting `Pickle`, all of which had been looking round the shops and picking up a few things. As they had finished what they had to do I popped in to the music store and picked up a couple cheap albums after which I returned to the Chucklebus to meet with the others. That was the end of the trip to Taunton and so it was back to Chard to drop off D&T and then a quick turnaround to go and get our kids form school. It was their first day of their new swimming class which has moved from a Wednesday to a Tuesday but it would start at four o clock so we were against the clock to get their swimming things and up to the pool in time. I stayed at the bungalow when they went swimming and grabbed a Pot Noodle for tea as it was the first night back at TA. They were doing a welcome back after Christmas PT session which was nice for them and I have to say that it is the first time, and something that I NEVER though I would ever experience……being jealous of people doing PT! Holy shit, I was actually JEALOUS of them getting beasted by the PTI, I really have changed.

Despite not being able to achieve a great deal on my first night back, it was good to catch up with people and just being in uniform at the TAC on a parade night made it feel a bit more normal for me. I am gutted that I won’t be participating in the training weekend but one step at a time so to speak. It was pretty late when we got back from TA, my mate Gerry drove me over as he lives in Chard also and is part of the Company which helps me massively being as I am unable to drive at the moment. It was around mid night that I got in to bed, which was only a very short time after we had arrived at the bungalow and Gerry had left for his home.

After my Wife had taken the kids to school today she came home and went back to bed as she had a bad head and didn’t feel too good. I set about doing the dishes and squaring the clothes washing away. Not the easiest thing to do in a wheelchair but after two hours I had washed the dishes, dried them and put them away. I had wiped the worktops down and done two loads of washing. Folding the bed sheets were a task but luckily Alison had come round for a coffee before our arranged walk and so she helped me. I woke my Wife at mid day as requested so that she could get up and freshen up ready to collect `Pickle` from nursery, while she was doing that I went for my `walk` with Alison the five miles to Ilminster. We haven’t made the trip for more than a few weeks and so we were both sceptical as to whether or not I would be able to make it all the way or if we would be calling on my Wife to come out and collect us at the half way point. We made sure that after the last time I made the trip and felt quite faint that I had a Mars bar and a can of Cola in my bag as a precaution. I managed to find a good rhythm when propelling myself in my chair and for the first time since we have been `walking` to Ilminster, I required no help at the inclines of which there are four if I recall correctly. I normally manage to get most of the way up over them but today I managed with no help whatsoever, really pleased. We completed the walk to the Stonemasons  in one hour and twenty five minutes which was perfectly acceptable. I did feel the need for a snack and so I had my Mars bar, Alison and I had decided that we would have lunch while we were there and there was time before my Wife would be picking us up when she came to collect the kids form school. I had my Mars bar and a coffee which I really felt that I needed and then I had a meal and a drink. A really nice meal after a good `walk` in good time.

My Wife picked us up on route to collecting the kids and then we returned to the bungalow where Alison came in and had a coffee for a while until she eventually had to go and get tea ready for her and Steve. My Mother in Law is going away for a couple of days and so we quickly popped round for a coffee to tell her to have a good couple of days away and we would catch up when she got back. A take out for the kids and Wife for tea and then it was time for us all to chip in to get the jobs done around the bungalow. Dishes were my job, kids had to tidy their rooms and my Daughter had to sort out the animals. `Pickle` enlisted the help of my Son as her room resembled parts of London during the aerial bombardments or World War 2, absolute destruction, oh to be a young kid again! Wifey was sorting and hoovering and then when all had gone to bed which was only at nine o clock, early night tonight for everyone except me, I mopped the floors. Once finished, it was NCIS and write the Blog.

I have had a few people ask my why they can not leave comments on the Blog, something about creating accounts or something. I will ask the media company who take care of my web page thingy for me, I suspect it has been done as I was being inundated with companies who were trying to latch on to the Blog page to get their own pages noticed or something. By making it so people have to create an account it should deter those who are not actually interested in commenting on the Blog….at least that is what I think it is, but I will ask and find out.

And so as the third episode of NCIS ends and I start number four, I shall end and go to make a coffee, or maybe a nightcap of Southern Comfort. Another `walk` tomorrow if the weather holds up, until then though.

Goodnight all.


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