Clever use of space? (Doubt it).

So nearly a week on from when my Wife and children moved out and I am still alive without major incident, admittedly there is not a day that has gone by where my Wife has not been down as she still does a lot for my needs and she is but a call away if things go titties side up, essentially there has been no real change except for she is not living here any longer. Lots of calls to try and sort my finances out and put care in place and a whole shit load of other balls ache stuff which is exactly that but once it is sorted it should be in place and there should be no need to mes about again.

The weather has been exceptionally nice as you will no doubt have noticed and I have used it to the advantage of not just myself, but for that of my Wife and children. We took the Overlander out and we went out for a `st-roll` where we took `Duke` out with us and went to the dog walking park where the kids played in the play area, my Daughter walked and ran around with `Duke`, I was generally cocking about in the Overlander and my Wife was watching over our kids while they were playing. A really good evening out which is obviously something which we should have been doing before we split up but as they say, “Hind sight is a wonderful thing” and now we all have to concentrate on the future. Thought I would share some of the pictures of our `st-roll` with you though.

Kids 1 kids 2 kids 3 kids 4 kids 5 kids 6 kids 7

This weekend I am hoping that we will all go out with the Overlander again, `Pickle`absolutely loves hitching a ride on it and so we are looking to try to take it out again as a family. Not sure where yet but I am looking forward to it.

Something else I am looking forward to is the 26th of this month. It is the Bank Holiday Monday and I have organised a test for the Overlander as a practice for a challenge to raise funds for another of the charities which have supported me. On the Monday, with some of my friends from my old unit and some whom are no longer serving, we are going to take a `st-roll` up the Pen Y Fan on the Brecon Beacons in Wales. I am really looking forward to it and hope that the weather is how it is now. If the weather changes by the time we are going to go up `The Fan` then we will not do it simply because it will not be enjoyable and potentially could be a tad unsafe.

I have been looking at my front room over the last couple of days and last night I had a thought. For those who know me, they will have already said “Uh oh” and are now waiting to see what follows. I have an awfully large area which no longer has anything in it as clearly my Wife and children needed the sofa and tables etc, I have a sofa but effectively the front room (which is quite big) is empty. Perfect space for something but I was unsure of what, until last night. Last night I came up with the perfect use for the space and now I have my radio controlled helicopter, (it says outside use only but I am sure it will be fine), my radio control car, (I refrained from the nitro of roader as that may be classed as overkill or stupidity) and by BB gun with the target at one end and me in my chair at the “firing point” at the other. So for the moment at least I am set as a proper boys room! If I can set the helicopter in to hover and keep it there I reckon I should be able to shoot at it with the BB gun, hahaha.

Oh, one more thing before I “Foxtrot Oscar”, I was sent a link to a video which was shot in Cyprus last year which many of you may have read about. It was when I was on Operation Nightingale and I want to share it with you so if I have done this right you should be able to view it, if I have not (which is more likely as I am more than a bit shite at things like this) then please go on to my FaceBook page called George Pas Blog and watch it on there. Copy and paste and hopefully it will work.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your weekend!

Good evening all.


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