That’s what pubs were invented for.

My Wife moved a fully loaded “Chucklebus” on Friday when she took possession of the keys for her new home and spent the day cleaning the new place and unpacking the items from the “Chucklebus”. This would be the final night that my Wife and Children would be staying in my bungalow, and then on Saturday with help from my Brother Darren and my Wife’s Uncle Alan who were later joined by my Brother Chris, they moved all of the furniture to her new place. While all this was going on, I took my Son to the Library in Chard where they have started a Lego club. My Son loves his Lego and so it made sense for me to take him there. It would also keep him out of the way whilst all of the moving was being done as his lack of understanding can cause him to be a little disruptive, the move would definitely be something which would cause the disruption as he would not be able to entertain himself successfully. My Son had built a couple of things out of the bricks whilst at the club and the things that had been made by the kids were put in to display cabinets which I thought was a really nice idea. I am going to meet my Wife there in the week to show her what he had made, he did say that it is not a club which he wishes to continue though as he is used to following the instructions for building Lego models as opposed to how we used to do it when we were kids which was having random bricks in a box and making things that you pictured in your mind. He was pleased that he went and so was I, it was nice to watch him playing Lego with other kids whom he had not met before, an invaluable experience for him to be making new acquaintances.

In no hurry for him to go to the hell that would be going on at my Wife’s new place, I decided that after his Lego club had finished I would teach him a lesson that would benefit him throughout his life; As long as a woman is rearranging a house, (or doing anything to be honest), you should stay out of the way which is why work, the Armed Forces and Pubs were invented. After sharing this important lesson, I told him that we would go for a burger and a drink at the Wetherspoons in town called The Cerdic, this was something which my Son was really excited about and as I have rarely done the Dad and Son on our own thing I was also looking forward to going for a burger and a drink so it was really nice. Then he came back to my place where he watched a bit of tele and helped me while I had to sort stuff around what was left in my place. I told my Wife to take most of everything as she will need it for the kids so my place is a little empty but on the plus side, it should be easier to keep clean! My Son went to the new place for the last few hours of their moving after my Wife came down to pick up some more stuff to take up which left me to continue sorting out what was left. After a short while my Brother Chris came to see me essentially to move a television from my Daughter’s room to the front room and to connect my DVD player etc to it. He also moved some stuff for me and made sure I didn’t need anything else. Finally, after a further couple of hours my Wife called to say that she and my kids were on their way back. She collected a few more bits and packed some things away for me and then I said goodbye and goodnight to my Children. `Pickle` was excited about the new place which was a load off of my mind as I was worried how she would cope with it.

I watched a classic film last night, The Battle of Britain, with a few Vodka red bulls which took me to a little before midnight as I had recorded it on the plus box from earlier in the evening when my Wife and Children had come in, and with the film finished I went to bed. For the final night in the bungalow I allowed `Duke` to sleep in my room. It took around five minutes to get him to enter my room and lay down as he is not allowed in the bedrooms but when I awoke this morning he was laying down outside my room in the hallway bless him. First thing this morning I received a text from my Wife to make sure I was OK and that I did not need her to come down for anything. A short while later she texted again to make sure which was good to know that although I was on my own, I wasn’t on my own. I had to go in to town to do a little shopping this morning although it was almost mid day before I left the bungalow, and I had a nice surprise while I was at the till paying. I reached back to open my bag which hangs on the back of my wheelchair in order for me to pack away the few items I had bought, when a young woman who was in the queue behind me offered to pack it for me. A really nice offer which has never happened until now, I have had checkout staff offer in the past but never a fellow customer.

This evening my Wife brought my Children round as `Pickle` and my Son both needed baths, this was great as I got to see them (although I am going to see them almost every day) but also, this is where they will be having their baths three or four times a week as `Pickle` does not like showers. `Duke` went a little ape shit when my Daughter came in as he had not spent any real time with her while the last couple of days have been taken up with moving and as such he would not leave her side. She collected his stuff and he just kept following her around. Finally with the kids bathed it was time for them  all to go back to their new place and this time they would be taking `Duke` with them. So for the first time in my life since I moved out of my parents home, I am living 100% on my own, (except for the fish in the tank and the pond but really they are in the realms of a handbrake on a canoe regarding help and assistance to me). I keep my mobile telephone on my at all times in case I get in to problems and will now be checking in to carers and other options.

And so on this day, the 11th of May 2014, I will spend my first night on my own in my bungalow. I am not going to hide the fact that I am a little apprehensive as I have fallen out of my chair a few times now and I know that there is no way that I can get back in to it. I had a close call this morning while transferring in to my power chair when my shower chair moved away from the power chair. I did manage to pull myself in to the power chair but it was more luck than judgement and it did come at a price, that being my wrist which is already in a lot of pain hence my visit to the hospital on Thursday, the pain which due to my near fall out during transfer was so bad that I struggled to use the joystick on my chair and have had to spend the majority of the day in the power chair as it was too painful to use the manual chair. This is just something which I will have to cope with through my life now and so the pain will just be something I learn to cope with and ignore like so many of the other pains I do it with now.

So that has been my last couple of days. I hope that you have all had a good weekend and that your week goes quickly enough so you may enjoy the weekend once more.

Goodnight all.


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