And so over the last few days my Wife has been packing boxes with the kids stuff and of course her own stuff in preparation for their move this weekend. `Pickle` has now been shown the place that they will be moving in to so that she understands where she will be living but as yet we have not explained to her that I will remain here. I’m not entirely sure how we will try to make her understand but I am sure that she will be OK, she will not be able to stay over with me for obvious reasons which will be shit if I am honest but I do have to be sensible and I am simply unable to look after her if there is a problem in the night as it takes me too long to get out of bed and in to my chair. Similarly I will not be able to take her out for day trips but I will be able to go out with the kids for day trips when I accompany them and my Wife. It’ll be important not only for them but for me too.

So areas of the bungalow resemble a storage facility at the moment but my Wife has been really careful to ensure that nothing will obstruct me moving around and getting to the areas that I need to get to within the bungalow. I have only really been going down to the local Tesco store on a daily basis to get a paper as well as my daily roll up to and around the town itself just essentially to get out of the bungalow for fresh air. My financial situation is uncertain as it stands as is that of my Wife, and so I am unable to think of going anywhere in the car except obviously for the school runs but I do have my bus pass which I intend to use tomorrow as I have some things to attend to in Taunton. It seems that all I have been doing for the last week or so has been sorting things out on the telephone and by visiting various places but my Wife has helped in most cases as well as having the same nightmare sorting her own things out.

I have had to resort to my power chair once again as my wrists, particularly the right wrist is giving me pain that has almost reduced me to tears again. My Wife has told me to go and make an appointment to see my Doctor but I know that this will be a waste of her time as what I really need is an x ray or scan to see inside. I was seriously concerned earlier when I genuinely thought that my wrist had dislocated again as it was a bit of a funny shape but I am sure that it is not, never the less, the pain is at a level that I am almost unable to transfer without the hoist again and I have had to have assistance moving my legs as I simply can not lift and move them with my wrist as it is. I am fully aware that the pain is affecting my spasms in a big way also causing me to resemble either a very bad break dancer or a dying animal, either way it is not only making me look ridiculous but is also extremely uncomfortable. God only knows what people will make of me on the bus tomorrow! The wrist could not have come at a worse time with my family moving out but I know that I can call if I get in to difficulty and it is just one of the things that I will have to think about and plan for.

As a family we took the Overlander out this evening, not a long way but long enough for the kids to have a good walk and `Duke` of course and it gave `Pickle` her chance to ride along which she loves. My Wife and I have already spoken about a trip to the coast with the Overlander which I know that the kids will enjoy. On the subject of the Overlander, on the May Bank Holiday Monday which I believe is the 26th, I am going to take the Overlander to Wales to see if I can get up to the top of the Pen Y Fan. Some of the guys and gals of 675 (Rifles) Sqn Army Air Corps (formerly B Coy 6 Rifles) are going to come along for a `st-roll` as a bit of a social event and if I am successful in my getting to the top of the “Fan”, then I am going to do some sponsored events to try to raise as much money as possible to give back to some of the charities who have helped me, either the “Three Peaks Challenge” or simply attempting different “Peaks” around the UK mainland. I am still looking to achieve my abseil as soon as I can get a worthwhile venue to do it and the all important “Yes” when I ask, so as I have mentioned it, if you have any ideas then please feel free to comment and put some ideas my way!

So I am sitting (obviously) typing and watching the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics whilst I put it on to DVD. I want the kids to have a copy of it for a keepsake and I have to admit that each time I see the Union Flag on the many different flags that use the flag of our country it does make me smile. Funnily enough for timing, the GB team has just entered the stadium and the crowd has erupted with a cheer that must have been heard all around London, a reminder of happier times at home and that as far as opening ceremonies go, Britain did indeed do it right.

Goodnight all.


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