What a brilliant day today. Up ready for acupuncture this morning, what a laugh we had today. The television was on in my room and as it was, Jeremy Kyle Show came on. Well, the people who were on there today were amazing. Now I’m not one to sit and watch this garbage but if people want to humiliate themselves on national television then so be it. So Marilyn and I were kind of talking but at the same time got listening to the conversations that were taking place on the tele. This girl who was with this bloke for two years, had been having a regular sexual relationship together but did not become pregnant, has a one night stand with some geezer while they are “on a break”, goes back to her partner of two years and finds out she is pregnant. And her partner says he is 100% sure the baby is his because he trusts her…REALLY? What part of, “You’ve been banging the bird for two years and nothing, then the one night stand she has falls through so she comes back to you and when she does you find out she’s up the duff” don’t you hear? Now I’m no doctor but the chances of this guy being the father after the facts are known, to me, would be slim to sod all but somehow, the break has done them good because she jumps in to the sack with bucko and shes preggers. At what point to you start to question how you’ve been firing blanks for two years??? AMAZING. Then there was the next couple, well, Marilyn and I were crying at the guessing games we were playing with this lot. “So what’s she gonna be like?” I’d ask, “Mmmm, not sure on this one” was the reply. The chaos ensued and we were just killing ourselves laughing. I’m not sure if that is the idea of the show but it amused us. So, the treatment finished, we arranged and booked the next treatment and Maralyn left. I really do have a laugh when she comes round to treat me, we talk random stuff and take the micky out of what we can, it’s good to have a laugh and a not too serious outlook on things every once in a while.

After Marilyn had left I transferred on to my shower chair and went to the bathroom. I ran the bath, checked the temperature and got in to my sling. Then I hoisted myself in to the bath and put the juts on. This does relax my legs I find. After 30 minutes I lay down and had the jets on my back to try to massage that because of the pains and discomfort I’ve been having and then, after 20 minutes I washed and got out. It’s a bit of nightmare still getting out and drying. The only way I can do it at the moment is to hoist out of the bath and on to a towel on the floor. I will dry my legs and feet as I can’t do this on the chair. Then I’ll dry what I can and hoist on to the chair where I will remove the sling and dry the rest of me. Then it is back in to my room and get dressed, after which I will transfer in to either my powered chair or my manual chair. A long old process compared to how long it used to take me.

We went in to Ilminster to do some bits and bobs this afternoon and then collected the kids form school. On the way back I asked my wife if she would mind taking me in to town to the craft shop so that I could buy the rest of the paints I needed for the models I have, and some liquid paint on glue. We had just passed the bungalow on our way in to town and it suddenly dawned on me why I hadn’t ventured up to town on my own this afternoon… because I was supposed to be waiting for physiotherapist to come round. No sooner had I thought this and told wifey, the mobile rang and it was my physio. “I’m sorry,had a brain fart, I’ll be back in 3 minutes.” We turned the Chucklebus round and got back. My physio watched me do some transfers and we set some goals for next week, she is brilliant and keen but she has to look after a different area for a while so she has introduced her “replacement”. He seems like a good bloke, I really do hope he will be as good.

This evening we went for a meal with some friends, Louise and Stuart, Bex and Rob. What a giggle that was. The food was fantastic, the drink was cold, the pub was warm and the company was amazing. It was such a good night, chatting, laughing and joking. Really good to see and hear my wife laughing and joking with friends, and they are good friends. So tonight the kids are staying at my Mother in law’s house, we did offer to go and pick them up but my son was asleep, my youngest was fixing to go to sleep and so there was no point in disturbing them. We were told that they had just as well stay where they were and they would be back in the morning. Now most couples would probably see this as a chance to cuddle up, watch a film and….. but for us this means that we can tidy up and my wife can get a good nights sleep without being woken up by my youngest wanting to get in to our bed, then consequently kicking my wife, (it may be that she kicks me but I have reduced feeling so I wouldn’t feel it as much), or quite simply want to watch Peppa Pig!

Tonight was the perfect end to a week which has been very much up and down. I try to keep the downs away as much as I can but I am only human, with the best will in the world, no matter how strong a person you are, no matter how positive you stay or portray, inevitably there will be points where you let that shield drop for a period of time or it gets knocked down, as a result you as an individual gets down. The important thing is, that you pick yourself back up and crack on. It is something that can be helped by family, your partner, a colleague or if needed a Doctor, but possibly the best asset in your armoury will be friends. Whilst I was able, as is normally the case, to pick myself up this week, I know in my heart that if I could not, they would be there to drag me back, or to support my wife. Real friends to me, are the family that you could choose.

Goodnight all.


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