Yesterday was a day of rain, wind, a troublesome septic tank a cancelled acupuncture appointment and selling of vehicles. The rain and wind caused no damage to our property or fences but the toilets backed up again rendering them unusable for the third time in a week. It is very inconvenient and frustrating but more than that now it is making me angry. When I sold my house to move here I had many questions about my property. Did it flood, was it prone to high water levels, did I have certificates for this and that all of which I answered honestly. The same can not have been said by the woman that owned this place. No mention of flooding and yet I have photographs of half the garden under water to a depth of 3 inches below welly boot level. The fact that the toilets back up with the rain we are having is apparently not something that has never happened before, REALLY? It is obviously something that has been a problem for a while before we moved in. It sounds very ungrateful as the property was bought for us to live in by a charity, but if I had purchased the property I would be demanding something be done by the previous owner for failing to disclose the problems. It is frustrating because it means that while the rains continue, we can not bath or shower, or use the washing machine, meaning that my Wife and kids need to use the Mother in Laws place. It is similar to the person whom was involved in the accident with me who  has left me paralysed and caused me to lose just about everything. Three things that I was taught by the Army, HONESTY, INTEGRITY and MORAL COURAGE. Why can’t `civvies` stand by those three same things. I am rapidly losing my patience with people who lie, who are unable to use common sense and who generally seem to be wasting oxygen just by living.

Today we went to visit family near London, the rain was quite heavy and with the spray from the vehicles it was definitely a requirement for headlights….unless you were thicker than pig s**t and felt that the other 99.9% of vehicles around you that had lights on were doing so not to be visible to other road users but were simply being stupid. Similarly those who felt the need to put rear fog lights on which makes it so easy to see when driving, the bright red light becoming a large bright red glow encompassing the entire rear of the vehicle as it is amplified by the spray from the road. If it is foggy then by all means, I encourage you to put them on but when a vehicle is sat behind you then tuirn it off, what the hell is wrong with some drivers? The best one today has to have been the total p***s who dived down the outside of the traffic in the thumping rain which had left a decent amount of surface water on the road, and swung in front of us pulling behind the bus that was in front of us waiting to make a left turn on the roundabout ahead. This did not go well for him as he had to head for the hard shoulder to avoid hitting the bus. Luckily for him it got him out of our way as we then just managed to stop. Idiot drivers really do p*** me off, no regard for others, and yet they will never be the ones who get hurt.

We spent a good three hours or so with the family, enjoying a light lunch prepared by them and a good catch up. The kids all played really well together which was also nice. They do not get to see each other very often so it was lovely for them all to play for a few hours. The rains continued to fall adding to the already flooded fields around the Thame area. It was a job to know which was river and which was fields, although I am reasonably sure that there was only a river because the fields had flooded. At around four thirty we thought it best to leave and make our way home as the rain had not let up since we left home at nine in the morning. It did not take long for the light to go and leave everyone driving in the night time blackness. Still the same brainless idiots driving with the rear fog lights on, people travelling at speeds which would leave them with no time to react if they happened to encounter a large puddle on the road or find the need to stop quickly, but not to worry as they would obviously not get hurt and would clearly be free from prosecution or blame.

We arrived home after stopping off to get takeaway so that we did not have to delay tea by cooking and thus allowing the Wife and kids to get early nights. All in all a good day today if you subtract those people we encountered on the roads who were what I would class as oxygen thieves. If you are not clever enough to grasp the basic common sense aspects of driving in bad weather then use the bus and everyone may go another day without an accident. On the plus side of things, last night both of the vehicles sold which is one, or two rather things less to worry about.

The rains are still pounding down although the winds have died down now. From what I got from the weather report we have this for at least another 24 hours or so, to that end I anticipate not being able to use my toilets for another 48 hours or so and to that end I am off to find some empty drinks bottles and some rubbish bags. To think, I thought I would never get to live under field conditions like when we were on ops or exercise after my paraplegia. At least my Wife and kids will be able to go and use the Mother in Law’s place. Let’s see what tomorrow brings then.

Goodnight all.



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