Rain and septic tanks.

Today has been horrendous. The wind and the rain were lashing down today, the wind even blew the cover off of the BBQ! Needless to say I have not ventured out today, although I suspect that if I had of gone out, it would not have taken me too long to get anywhere with the wind the way it was, with an umbrella I could have done a pretty good impression of Mary Poppins. The rains have not just been playing havoc with floods, we are on a shared septic tank here. I have no idea how, but the tank absorbs water from the ground which causes the system to back up, which means we can not use our toilets until the water can be pumped out. Unfortunately, the water goes in to the tank quicker than the water can be pumped out and so the only way to remove the volume of water is to activate a second pump, but where will this water go? The only place it can go, in to my neighbours garden and then subsequently across our garden to the trenches we have dug and then out of the far corner of our garden, brilliant. Now again, I’m no expert, but I was under the impression that a septic tank was to keep fluid and muck in, hence it being a sealed unit. So being as it needs to be a sealed unit, how the hell does ground water get in? The toilet problem will be something we just have to get used to I guess through the rains. The annoying thing that goes with it of course is that showers, baths and using the washing maching are a no no until the water subsides in the tank. Thank heaven for Mother in Laws house for the kids and Wifey to use, it’s just a good old strip wash for me as I obviously can’t get upstairs to the bath and shower in the house.

I did a little bit of my Liberator bomber model today, just rubbing the filler down ready for another coat of paint. I really wanted to have progressed a bit further with the models than I am currently at, but I would much rather they take longer and look good than rush them and they look rubbish. I had a telephone call from Op Nightingale today talking about another dig coming up next year. It was a very good conversation with a fantastic opportunity for me if I choose. It will come down to my progress, medication and transportation but I am hopeful and it gives me a target to aim to for which I am grateful. It has been a full day of questions about the Vitara today. How much will I take for it? How much is it? Do you have a buy it now price? So I added to the listing to try to stop the questions. The best ones have been, has any welding been done underneath? If I happen to fall out of my wheelchair I’ll be sure to crawl under and have a look. Will you deliver it to Sheffield for me? If I can get my legs to work or I can tow it behind my wheelchair then of course I will. Why do people not read the listings, it clearly states that there is no delivery and that it is being sold to raise funds for a car that I can drive. It does say about my being disabled, people never cease to amaze me with how silly they can be. Still, with 111 people watching, and three bids at least I know it is sold if no one wants to buy it early.

My friend from our Battalion Welfare Unit came round for a coffee and chat tonight. It’s great to catch up and find out what she has been up to. We spoke about many things but two things in particular, a day out on Sunday and the Serjeants mess Christmas Ball in a weeks time. It will be the first one I have been to as it is not what I became a Serjeant for. I wanted to become a Serjeant to be able to look after my blokes and get things they needed if it was available, also to be someone they could trust and rely on. As I am unsure of where my military career will now take me, I figure I ought to experience what the Christmas Ball is like. So in a weeks time my Wife and I will know what it is like, it will also mean that I will be able to catch up with my other Senior NCO friends whom I will not have seen for quite some time as I no longer participate in the exercises. Should be good.

So today was another wash out and I am anticipating tomorrow being much the same. I have Maralyn visiting tomorrow for my acupuncture which will give me a chance to see how she has been and then potentially someone coming to view the Vito, and possibly someone coming to view the Vitara, a busy afternoon it may be. I hope all goes well tomorrow, the lights here have been flickering all day so are we looking at a possible power cut with these winds? We shall have to wait and see. Until tomorrow.

Goodnight all.




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