Kitchen modernisation stage one.

Yesterday an old friend who used to be in the TA with me came over to fit our new worktops, if you recall we were debating on whether or not we should go ahead and have them fitted but decided that we should as the worktops, sink and taps had already been paid for. Sean arrived around half nine in the morning and cleared the tools he would be needing out of his van, this would also make room for the worktops which had to be collected. While Sean went off to collect the worktops, my Wife went to take the kids for their extra tuition lessons that they have to help them with their schoolwork. They do this every Saturday morning and it is really helping them progress and understand the things that they struggle with. Meanwhile, Sean went to collect the worktops and on his return set about squaring his tools and workbenches away. He got started by way of us having a coffee and then the measuring and cutting began. My wife returned from dropping the kids to lessons and doing a bit of food shopping and then, after a short while there was a knock at the door and a surprise guest for Sean arrived, someone else who was in the Company when he was there. And it was…..`Me Val`!

She came in and we all chatted and had a brew, holding Sean up to be honest with all the talking but it was so good for the three of us to be having a laugh, nice for Sean to be able to catch up with `Me Val` as it is not really likely that their paths will cross by accident. Lunch time came around really quick with the chatting and watching Sean work, my Wife arrived back from running the kids around and then she had taken the kids to play at Darren and Tabatha’s house with their girls to get them out of all of the mess and to keep them from being around the tools while the worktops were being done. As I said, it was lunch time and so tummies needed to be given something, to that end the bacon went on, the bread rolls were buttered and the bacon butties were served! We sat and did some more chatting and after we had eaten all of the bacon butties we went back out to watch Sean work some more. Later in the afternoon it was time for `Me Val` to go home and have tea with her family and so we all agreed that we will have to arrange to meet up and have a meal with our other halves which will be a good night to be honest. `Me Val` left and I left Sean to it for a while whilst I did some stuff on the laptopamabob, Wifey went and collected the kids from Tabatha and brought them back home to the bungalow and once home the kids got ready for their evening out.

They were going to the Christmas party that the Riding for the Disabled do each year which my Son attends. They went off to the party and I stayed and chatted with Sean as he finished up. It had been a long old day really for Sean to fit the worktops but with `Me Val` and I chatting to him and having coffees with him all day it was little wonder. Eventually though, worktops fitted and sink all plumbed in, it was time for Sean to leave as he had to go on to look at a job in Exeter, a late night would indeed be on the cards for him. Around half an hour after he had left, Wifey and the kids arrived back from the party and excitedly told me all about it. I had also been visited by my Brother and my Step Brother Darren who had been back to Bournemouth to hand the keys to their old place back and also do balloon twisting at a children’s party.

Kids in bed, my Wife and I looked at the kitchen and admired the new worktops and sink, it was amazing how much different it had made the kitchen look even though the tiles have yet to be fitted. So much better than the split, and damaged worktops that were originally there and the horrible chrome sink. Sean had again done a wonderful job and I had really enjoyed the laughs during the day. We decided that there was no point in wiping everything down properly until we have got the tiles fitted and so Wifey headed off to get to bed. I stayed up for a while and ended up watching a stand up comedian on the television who was really funny, I am surprised that I did not wake Wifey and the kids up with my laughing. Eventually at two thirty in the morning I went off to bed and so very nearly managed to do it by myself but unfortunately I needed to wake my Wife to help with a couple of minor things. Finally, at three I was sorted and it was off to sleep for me.

Today, (Sunday), I had a builder come round to look at the few problems that had come up at the bungalow to check what we thought and to get advice on some other things so that we can talk to the maintenance manager when he visits. The visit was very helpful as was the advice we recieved, so hopefully we will be able to talk with some knowledge of the causes of the problems when the time arrives. After he had gone my bungalow slowly became a full one. My Dad and Step Mum had come to visit from Bournemouth primarily to see Darren and Tabatha’s new place. To that end, my Brother and his family and D&T and the girls all descended on us. It is easier to do this as I have the room and it makes no sense for me to struggle getting in to anyone else’s house and taking up all the room with wheelchair. They stayed for quite a while and commented on how lovely the new worktops and sink were, we spoke about tiles and the few problems that had arisen with the mould etc and then, later in the afternoon, my Brother and his family left for home and D&T went back to their new home to show my Dad and Step Mother around. With our bungalow now clear of visitors, my Wife started to cook tea for the her and the kids and I put `Pickle` and my Son in to the bath. Once they had finished, the bath was emptied, `Pickle` was dressed in to her night clothes whilst my Son sorted himself out, and my Daughter got in to the shower.

With baths and showers done, tea finished and homework checked that it had been completed, the kids watched a little television while I went and washed up the dishes. With this little job finished, I went off and had a bath. My Wife did a bit of tidying and when I had finished my bath I put `Pickle` to bed, my Son also went off to bed and then I helped my Daughter with one final piece of homework. The idea was that my Wife would take care of some things that she had been putting off, but `Pickle` woke crying and coughing really badly. Wifey went and sorted her out while I got her a drink for her cough, I think she had just got herself in a state but she has had it for quite a while and so to that end we are considering an appointment with the Doctor just to be sure it is not anything serious. As `Pickle` was still very upset my Wife decided to take her in to our bed and cuddle up with her so that she would calm down and get a good nights sleep before nursery in the morning, I however stayed up to write my Blog but now, with nothing else to write, I am off to see if there is any room for me in my bed or if `Pickle` has decided that she needs the room for herself.

Goodnight all.


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