Not a good day.

In July 2011 whilst on my way home after work, I was involved in a collision with a car. This really messed my day up, not to mention that of my family.

My sister was due to be married the next day and I was giving a speech, distinct possibility I may not be able to attend.

My wife was greeted by the Traffic Police who were waiting outside our house, she was informed that I had been involved in a road accident and that she needed to accompany them immediately to Frenchay hospital in Bristol. On arrival, she was asked to wait in the relatives room. Eventually, the staff came to get her and, not knowing what to expect, she was faced with this.

For nearly a week it was not known if I would wake or if I had sustained brain damage.

But, after several operations by some incredible doctors, and brilliant staff of the intensive care unit, I woke up, here are just some of the injuries.




Despite all of this…..

….you can`t keep a good man down!


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