Test Drive

It`s a seriously capable machine.

So this week I drove the Boma 7. My power chair is a pretty capable bit of kit, but it is not designed for the Forrest or ploughed fields, it is an indoor outdoor power chair not designed for off road.

The Boma 7 however is not and indoor outdoor chair. It is to allow the para or tetraplegic owner to get back out in to the fields, the forests, the mud.

It didn’t struggle with any of the terrain I took it on.

I could have stayed trialing this thing for hours.

It doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t, you can`t take it in to the paper shop for your latest copy of your magazine, you can`t pop to your mates house for a coffee and pull in to the lounge, it`s not what this thing is about. It`s an outdoor mobility vehicle, that`s it, it`s so stable, so comfortable, so tourquey and I’ve so got to get one to be able to get back out in the fields with my kids walking the dog. To go to the beach and not have to stay up on the pavement. And that is why I am doing my sponsored skydive. To raise money for SSAFA and my wheelchair fund. A 50/50 split.


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